Just checking in...72 pounds lost in 5 months.

on 5/21/16 8:36 pm
VSG on 01/25/16 with

Hi everyone.  I look on the site at least once per week but only comment when I feel I can add something to the discussion.  I wanted to take a few minutes to share my journey for those who are considering VSG.  I lost 15 lbs in the month before surgery and 57 lbs in the 4 months post surgery (1/25/16 was my surgery date).  So my total is 72....high weight 285 and I now weigh 213.  I am now at the lowest weight I have been in 20 years...and I am so excited to have energy back and no pain in my knees and clothes that are too big and a loss of interest in eating big piles of food.  I can't do it....so I don't even consider it.  That works very well for me.  I eat about 70 or so Gms protein and 70 ounces of liquid....keep my calories between 600 & 800 per day.  I take my vitamins and I have just begun walking.  I'm still not eating veggies (my protein fills me up so I haven't tried veggies).  I have my check up in a few weeks and it includes blood work so I will see if I am missing nutrients.  So....no pain or nausea after the surgery, no "stalls", and no cravings....just the real possibility that I will actually hit and maintain the lowest weight I have been since I entered my 30's...30 years ago!  I am hoping I will be in ONEderland by my July 7th birthday (I turn 61).  If I get there...great.  If not...ill get there a week or two later...no big deal.  I love that!  No white-knuckle diet, no bargaining with myself over that piece of pie or candy bar.  Only doing the next right thing and watching the scale shift down when I weigh myself every few days.  Would  I do it again?  In a quick New York minute!!  I'm loving my life!  Love, Wild Woman!!

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VSG on 05/27/15

You absolutely have the attitude and determination to get you to your goal !! I'll be 61 this summer, so kudos to another strong older woman who can make great things happen for the next phase of life !!!  Keep up the exceptional work and stay with your plan !!!


Age: 64; 5' 5"; High weight: 345; Start weight: 271 (01/05/15); Surgery weight: 218 (05/27/15); Pre-Op (-53); M 1 (-18); M 2 (-1.5); M 3 (-13.5 ); M 4 (-13); M 5 (- 8); M 6 (-12) M 7 (-5, Xmas); M 8 (- 9) Under surgeon's goal and REACHED HEALTHY BMI 12/07/15!! (Six months and one week.) AT GOAL month 8. Maintaining at goal range (139- 144) ~ four (4) years !!

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VSG on 10/15/12

Oh my goodness you are making great progress!  Looks like you're doing everything right, which pay off in spades!



Ht: 5'2" |  HW 225, BMI 41.2  |  CW 115, BMI 21.0

on 5/22/16 3:54 pm
VSG on 04/28/16

Way to go Wild!!!!!!  I believe you'll get to ONEderland!!!!

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