I'm alive...and sleeved

on 5/24/16 3:25 am

it was a hell night. I dry heaved and that was terrifying. I'm having passing waves of remorse, but honestly, there's no going back... Just forward. I'm in medium pain... But all in all ok. Walking hasn't paid off yes, nothing has passed north or south. I wasn't allowed anything, no water or ice chips. Maybe when that's allowed it will get better...


more later

on 5/24/16 4:38 am

Well good morning and congratulations .  It gets better, just follow the plan and don't beat yourself up if you deviate . Oh and don't stress about poop, that comes too 



(deactivated member)
on 5/24/16 8:19 am

It is finally done. Congratulations. It will get better as you get up and moving and get some ice chips or something to sip on. Hang in there.

Kris R.
on 5/24/16 9:54 am - Walworth, NY

Hang in there - this will pass.  Ask for some anti-nausea med's.  Those will help a lot.  also, be nice to yourself during this phase.  You just had major surgery.  Relax, keep your feet up and if you're watching TV keep the remote handy. Food commercials are brutal.

You can't take care of them, if you don't take care of you!!
Band 10/2006, removal 10/2010, VSG 02/08/2016

on 5/27/16 6:18 pm

Congrats!!  My PO day 1 was rough but it did get better. Laying on my left helped pass gas easier. And sugar free Popsicles have been my lifesaver. I'm 3 weeks+ out and still eat a ton.