Losing Control..... Need HELP please! :)

Karen H.
on 5/27/16 5:05 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

I am almost 18 months post op and reached my goal of 140 lbs last December. But in the last 3 months I have gained 11 lbs!! 

What I'm doing wrong:

  1. Not tracking my food.
  2. Letting carbs back in my life ... such as packs of peanut butter crackers.
  3. Stopped exercising.
  4. Larger portions
  5. Calorie intake out of control.

5 lbs crept on in the last three months but then I gained 5 more lbs in the last 3 weeks!!

How do I get back on track? I know to correct what I'm doing wrong but where do I start? 

Have I ruined my stomach by stretching it? I cancelled my 18 month appt in hopes to get the ten pounds off before going back for the blood work. Where do I start??? I feel like I'm hungry all the time, out of control. I haven't been on this site in a while because I feel like a failure and everyone seems to be doing so great. Wish I could get below goal weight like others on here. :( You all "do" so good and are so self disciplined! 

Hope someone can help me get back on track before my 10lbs turns into 25 lbs. 



on 5/27/16 5:53 pm
VSG on 04/20/16

I'm new here but one thing I do know about is the life long struggle with this ridiculous weight situation. The pain, struggle and embarrassment I have endured because of it. The up and down of the scale. The great and wonderful things I missed out on because of my low self esteem. You don't want all that back again, I know. You made it this far. Don't blow it. Remember what is important in the big picture here. It is so easy to slide back to old habits-I did it time and time again prior to this surgery and now it's time to reclaim my life. You can do this! Remember who you are inside and the life you deserve. Start back at square one and start over because you don't want to turn around in 6 months with 50 lbs back on you. You deserve to be the best you you can be. We believe in you! You have to believe in yourself again and not let the emotional battle with food win. Life is bigger, so much bigger. BIG HUGS!

Karen H.
on 5/27/16 7:03 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

Thank you!!! I "so" needed to hear that again! :) Tomorrow is another new beginning. That scared me when you said I don't want to wait until another six months and maybe  have gained 50 lbs! I can see how easy that could happen! Thank you again!! :)



on 5/28/16 7:01 pm
VSG on 04/20/16

Go get 'em! You can do this! Why? Because you deserve it. 

on 5/27/16 6:09 pm

I think you'd be surprised at how many of us are in the same boat. I doubt you've ruined your stomach.  You already know what you need to do - for me, carbs are the evil critters that make me crazy and out of control, so when I drop carbs way down and drink lots more water, it seems to give me the mental strength to work on the other items on your list.

It's a lifelong struggle, so my challenge is accepting that fact and realizing that I'm going to be massively calorie-restricted forever. It's too easy to think that once you lose the weight, you're home free. 

Kill those carbs and white-knuckle it for a couple of days until the cravings back off a little.  Track, exercise, and loads of water.  You can do this and get yourself back in control! Good luck!! :)

Karen H.
on 5/27/16 6:59 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

Thanks,,,,, I really needed to hear that!! :) Yes, I know what to do,,,, just needed someone to tell me straight out. I know what happened... I lost my weight and then I let my guard down. The more carbs I ate, the more I wanted! Totally out of control. You're so right..... this is a life long thing.... I will ALWAYS have to keep my guard up. Thank you again... you never know how that helped me! :)



on 5/27/16 7:36 pm

Hi Karen, I'm pulling for you so hard! From my unsleeved perspective, you have accomplished something tremendous. I think anyone who goes through weight loss surgery is incredibly courageous. You don't want to go back to where you once were. Trust me....I'm there now, and I'm miserable. Give yourself credit for your strong desire to halt regain after 10 pounds; it's not uncontrollable or insurmountable considering what you've already been through. Do you have old pictures of yourself you can look at? This is just a temporary blip in your road. I myself don't think I have the courage to do what you have done....and I'm living vicariously through all of you here who have made it to the other side! The panic in your post struck me, and I wanted to give you some encouragement. Take care! 

Karen H.
on 5/27/16 9:14 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I feel more determined now. I just needed to hear those words. :) 


on 5/27/16 7:50 pm
VSG on 05/13/16

Hey there.

 The first thing I'd do is get that appointment back. The first  thing I'd always do was cancel dr appointments to avoid bad news. That was how i got where  i was.

 I'd go, do the tests and tell them how you've slipped and youre getting out of control. Let them help you get back on track . It's their job.

 I'm only 2 weeks post sleeve , so that was all I could comment on, but I think it is very important.


  Hang in there. You've  done so well,  fix the things you know you need to fix and reach out for help from your doctor.


 Hope the coming weeks will be kind and you can turn it around. Good luck!

-Natalie VSG 5/13/16. 5'6" -- HW 283 . SW 266

Post vsg: M1 -32 , M2 -14 , M3-19

White Dove
on 5/27/16 8:20 pm

Almost everyone has bounce-back regain.  The way to get it off is to start tracking calories again.  You need about 10 calories a day for every pound that you maintain.  Right now you need about 1500 to keep the weight you have now.

Subtract 500 calories a day to lose one pound a week.  It will take you sixteen weeks to lose the sixteen pounds you have gained.  Quick fixes don't work and you will just end up yo-yo-ing.  It is so important to learn this as soon as possible.

Weigh yourself everyday and if the scale goes up then honestly go through your food logs. 

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends