5 years out and on the front page!

on 6/13/16 9:00 am - Granada Hills, CA

I can't believe it has been 5 years since my surgery. It blows my mind. Some days it feels like just yesterday and other days it seems like it's been a lifetime. 

In some ways, surgery changed my life completely.  The mystery of life is such that I have no idea and can't imagine where my life would have headed without the life changing decision to shed the weight. I do know though that it couldn't have been good. Topping the scales at 420 scared me into making big changes. 

I just turned 33. Over the last 5 years of my life, I have hit some of the highest highs and lowest lows in my life. I've been through hell and back mentally,  emotionally, physically and spiritually. I thought WLS was the answer to my problems. I literally used to believe that my weight was the biggest problem in my life. It took me 4 years after surgery to realize that my weight was nothing but a symptom of much bigger problems. Over the last year, I've begun a new way of life that has changed me in ways that WLS never could. For those that struggle after surgery, the best thing to know is that there is always hope. At any given point in life, we get to stand up and make a decision that we aren't going to just suffer. 

I lost a total of 230 lbs at one point. At another point, I found myself up 90lbs from my lowest(and trust me I gained most of those 90 lbs in less than a year). I've lost nearly 60 of those 90lbs now - lost it in about 6 months. I can speculate at the condition of my sleeve - it's probably stretched and blah blah blah but the reality is I don't give a **** I know it still works when I choose to make good decisions and eat my protein and veggies. 

With the highs and lows, I'm learning to deal. Through Overeaters anonymous, I'm learning to live my life which is something new to me. I spent my entire WL phase completely obsessed with chasing the next number on the scale and obsessing over calories in ketchup. One of my biggest regrets is not actually enjoying my skinny years and focusing on what matters. I make it  regular habit to focus on recovery and use the tools I have. 

One thing is for sure - I could not have done this without the amazing friends I made here. I met so many in real life all over the country. Even those I've never met - I owe so much to you for everything. From listening to me share my excitement and also listening to me whine and ***** to the daily support and texts and phone calls, it all meant so much. 


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on 6/13/16 9:19 am

You show great strength of spirit to be back and overcoming the demons that were causing the weight gain.  60 pounds in 6 months is excellent - especially 5 years post op.  You are doing great.

I am so glad you are back at OH and sharing your journey with us all.  It is inspiring and hopeful.

best wishes,



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on 6/13/16 9:21 am - Green Cove Springs, FL
VSG on 05/27/15

Excellent job, and awesome post !!!   You consistently make some great suggestions to help people "get their heads in the game".  Without that, the loss is fairly meaningless and short-lived.  It is all about sustaining a healthy way of living for life !

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on 6/13/16 9:25 am

I am able to relate to your story.  I have a similar one.  The important thing is that we have decided to take charge and get back on track.  I always go back to,  why I wanted the surgery.  I want to be here to enjoy my family and grandchildren and someday retirement and be able to be active in life.  Thinking about all the work I put into just being able to get this surgery and what I had to do to make it happen.  It's a lot of work, and I just can't see throwing it all away for a donut here or a cookie there, which turns into many donuts and many cookies etc. 

Good for you to check back in and getting things under control.  I am finding a lot of support by being here on this site.  The people here are very helpful about where I am and where I am going and share lots of ideas of how to get there.  It is much appreciated.  Oh and yes they are pretty great about listening to the *****ing and complaining.

Good luck on this journey you are on and I wish you great success.

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Kelly L.
on 6/13/16 9:38 am

Congrats on your success with your sleeve!   I enjoyed reading your story here.   In your topic you said front page, I am curious what this means? 

on 6/13/16 9:41 am - Granada Hills, CA

OH published my article and it's on the home page today. 

www.sexyskinnybitch.wordpress.com - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

11/16/12 - Got my Body by Sauceda - arms, Bl/BA, LBL, thigh lift. 

HW 420/ SW 335 /CW 200    85 lbs lost pre-op / 135 post op


Kelly L.
on 6/13/16 10:07 am

How wonderful, congrats!! 

on 6/13/16 10:33 am

Thank you so much for posting.  Your story is an inspiration.  I am hopeful that I can lose my regain of 25 pounds.  I can really relate to what you said about not enjoying my skinny time.  I am in good health and although I want to lose the regain it doesn't define me.   Wishing you continued success


on 6/13/16 11:23 am - AR

Great story. Thanks for posting. I have been reading up on OA for the past few days. I get it and it makes sense. Congrats on the front page. 

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on 6/13/16 12:10 pm - MI

Love this honest and inspiring post!! Thank you for posting!! You rock!

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