on 6/23/16 3:45 am

Just wanted to check in... can't believe it's been a month already!


Things have been OK...figuring out food & fullness has been quite the experience. I ate a scrambled egg and it was a nightmare...but "sunny side up" is fine...


Also..Carol- I DO get runny noses every time I'm full!! So weird!

Cheese is a REAL problem for me, and I have to cut that out...

I was 280 pre surgery, 275 day of surgery and now I'm 257.7... so HAPPY!


Yesterday was my first real "fat brain" day- and I couldnt get food off of my mind- I did eat 5 chips- and I'm not "confessing"...I'm not sorry, I'm shocked how easy it was to do...however, I was able to shut that down at 5 chips rather than the whole bag thank God. And now I know- no chips allowed in the house for a while! 

Anyway- this has been SO WORTH IT! Clothes fit better, my face looks better and I just feel better...I cant wait to see the 240's again!!

Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 6/23/16 5:57 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16

Heck ya, congrats! I just posted my 1 month little blurb too :P I was at a bible study the other night and was hungry when it finished and the food came out. I had a few pieces of watermelon and a few tortilla chips. Also ate a yogurt covered pretzel and it was incredible... Not sweating it. :) I'm proud of you for seeing the problem with having a bag of chips and removing it :D


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Kelly L.
on 6/23/16 10:13 am

Congrats on your weightloss so far!!  You're doing great!