I am in ONE-derLand! Feels great!

on 8/1/16 11:27 am
VSG on 01/25/16 with

i am 6 months and 1 week post-op, have lost 86 lbs and am under 200 lbs for the first time in 22years!  My energy is off the charts...and I love it!  I can now wear clothes that don't have a number in front of the XL.  I still haven't been able to make myself go to the small-size section of the stores.  I am still passing thru sizes (45-50 more lbs to go) so I don't want to go crazy with clothes.  and I would, I'm sure!  So I'm looking at sweaters for fall....can't wait!  Thx for listening! Wild Woman.

Kelly L.
on 8/1/16 12:38 pm

How exciting, congrats!! 

on 8/1/16 1:09 pm
VSG on 07/07/16

Congratulations !!

on 8/1/16 1:18 pm

My surgery was 2 days after yours, and I've just recently entered One-derland for the first time in many years.  My heaviest weight was 270 in the fall of 2014.  This morning it was 195-that's 75 pounds lost, and seems incredible to me.  I'm nearing 76 years old and feel like I'm 50 again!  I got rid of all the 3X clothes and hit the thrift stores and Goodwill.  I'm now proudly wearing a size 16, too.  It's fun to put on a "new" outfit every morning.  I'll trade them in when I need the size 14's?  I am so lucky my surgeon took a chance on me at my age.  I've sailed right through the whole process, and never lost my hair as some have.  Just wanted to chime in and let you know that I know how you are feeling today.  Helen

on 8/1/16 5:06 pm
VSG on 01/25/16 with

That is wonderful, Helen!  My high weight was 285...just as I scheduled my surgery.  And I am 61...sailed right through, too.  I haven't looked at my hair either....so lucky all the way around. Congrats to you!!

on 8/2/16 3:30 pm

Thanks.  I feel like a brand new me!  I know you do, too.


on 8/1/16 1:42 pm - Melrose Park, IL
VSG on 12/09/14 with

Congratulations!  That's great news.

Surgery Date: 12/9/14 - Highest Weight: 349 - Surgery Weight: 305 - Current Weight: 137
Goal reached in 13 months - 212 total pounds lost including pre-op
(M1: -20) (M2: -18) (M3: -11) (M4: -11) (M5: -14) (M6: -1) (M7: -18) (M8: -7) (M9: -15)

(M10: -13) (M11: -7) (M12: -10) (M13: -10) (M14 -6) (M15: -7) - 168 lbs lost post-op


on 8/1/16 3:30 pm
VSG on 02/24/16

Must be a full moon because today I also woke up in onederland and knowing I'll never go back is the most exciting feeling in the world!! 

Congrats to all of us for a major accomplishment 


on 8/2/16 8:34 am

i remember experiencing that day too and each day i'm thankful for it.   YAY YOU!  wish i'd been as wise and not bought new clothing so soon.  still having a hard time committing to size small, as i look at them and think "no way".

don't you just love, love, love this tool to healthy? cherish each day and enjoy this journey!



Age: 60 | Height: 5'3.5 | Surgery Date: 07/24/15 | Starting Weight: 292 | Surgery Weight: 267 | Goal Weight:150 | Current Weight: 149 | WL so far: 143 lbs

on 8/2/16 11:41 am
VSG on 06/28/16

Congratulations!!! The Best is Yet to Come!!

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