Food = Comfort?

on 10/13/16 9:39 am
VSG on 04/14/14

Well I did something to my knee (I have a torn meniscus) so it is all swollen today. Probably from pushing my dads wheelchair and going up and down our steps (8) way to many times yesterday. So I had to cut my gym time back, no leg exercises and my bike was less than 2 miles. I kept hoping the motion would help stretch it out, but no lol.

Annnndddd .... Because of all that I hit my major trigger. It's a mental one, and the biggest one I struggle with, Food = Comfort.  

This is in my head, I know this. I know the food will not make me feel better. And with the sleeve and acid issues, will most likely make me feel worse. But the instinct, the .. What's stronger than a habit? It's like Bam, I feel pain and immediately I start having carb cravings. It's almost impossible to distinguish between the actual pain and the need? For food... Rather for comfort, for relief. 

I didn't give in today. I will win the battle against the regain. (Down 8 lbs of my 27)

But even after 2.5 YEARS since surgery, this food = comfort, still sneaks in.  


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on 10/13/16 9:55 am
VSG on 08/01/16

I'm glad you didn't give in. That would have only made you feel worse and then probably another trigger! Food is my comfort too. So was smoking and wine but I had to give it all up at the same time and I panic sometimes. A long hot bubble bath helps me in those situations! It keeps me from pacing the kitchen and looking in the fridge and pantry over and over. Coffee helps me too when that comfort hunger hits.

Sleeved 8/1/16

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on 10/13/16 10:02 am
VSG on 04/14/14

Oh that's funny! I made me an "extra" cup of decaf coffee when these craving****! 

So it's true coffee fixes everything ???

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on 10/13/16 11:39 am
RNY on 08/21/12

That's silly. Food isn't comfort. Food is love.

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on 10/13/16 1:25 pm
VSG on 04/14/14

That makes sense,  my mom only showed love, when I was sick and by giving me comfort foods...  

So I grew up to "fall in love" with food.. 

So basically I am saying kiss my boo-boo better with a pizza???

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on 10/13/16 5:08 pm

This is good news! You've identified a major food-trigger for you -- physical pain=need for comfort=craving. And more good news that you were able to get through the day without mindless carb noshing.

My biggest trigger is close proximity of junk food -- if it's near me, I will eat it. Strategy: It's been permanently banished from my home. If I get an uncontrollable craving, it's an apple or nothing. Outside the home, the presence of friends and family are enough to keep me in check. 

Second biggest trigger is self-pity. Strategy: Stern internal lecture (I call it "talking myself off the ledge") followed by minute-by-minute fortitude until the craving passes, which it usually does within an hour. Hot coffee with cashew milk helps if I can get it.

For every reason we overeat, we must plan strategies in advance to have in place when the craving**** If occasionally they don't work, we forgive ourselves immediately and keep going. It's my belief that sleevers and other bariatric patients will have to battle cravings for life. As you noted, it's a "mental/emotion" problem.



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