Frisco-Dungeness Crab Salad-Holiday Correctness !!!

on 12/24/16 8:12 pm

Tonight, while others focused on the Ham, Augratin potatoes, pasta, rice and bread.

I went straight for the Dungeness Crab, we on the northern left coast are blessed with this tasty crustacean. The absolute best crab on earth..... sorry if you "think" your crab is better.... just keep thinking that !!!!

In all seriousness..... it's just another day with better proteins available !!!

I'm waaaayyy past the point of giving a nano thought (****) of what people may think I'm eating or the way I eat..... Truth is, nobody really gives crap...... Unless

Unless your eating better than them !!!

After I made one of these salads for me and moms...... 3 other people asked me to make them one....

Dude..... make me one, please uncle says my niece...

Happy Holidays !!!

Eat clean !!!!



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on 12/25/16 6:59 am

You are so right about Dungeness Crab!   And a perfect holiday food, as well!

Merry Christmas, Frisco.   Thanks for being here, year after year!

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on 12/25/16 7:58 am

Crab is not my thing - but that picture definitely makes me reconsider.  


BUT you are 100% right we can eat clean and super tasty.  I'm refocusing on the kitchen and making delicious veggie meat combos.  

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diane S.
on 12/25/16 11:47 am

yep, nothing better. and the crab shack 3 blocks away is now open. We go to friends who serve ham but there will be healthy options. Thanks for showing there is more than one way to eat, drink and be merry.  Diane S.

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