One big lengthy stall.

on 3/29/17 9:20 am

Hi! I haven't posted in what feels like forever. to cut to the chase, I lost 78 lbs inabout 4 months (sleeved 1/26/15) . I was never happier! I was never thin and never really felt fully normal or happy with myself, so I started dating and going out much more. I "only" needed to lose another 30-40 so I thought "wow, easy enough". I totally stalled after that. I lost maybe at most another 15 from then.

Since then, I met the love of my life, moved in with him, found my absolute dream job, started cycling and has NWL victories every damn day!

However, reality has really settled in. I am turning 30 in June. And for the life of me I cannot get off this NOW 50 lbs.

I was always an athlete before I got SUPER heavy and before any major weight loss. So the last three weeks I went back to that and back to basics. 1,200 cals/day, 100-120 g protein, SUPER low carb/sugar. Working out every morning during the week with intense cardio for 30 mins and then 30 mins heavy lifting and some sauna time to meditate.

I have GAINED 7 lbs since then. I am devastated, lost, sad, depressed, all the things I used to feel after trying a fad diet or even weigh****chers and not succeeding.

I still see a therapist since my surgery, I meditate, I drink a gallon of water a day. My family remains to be the most supportive parents and sister, my boyfriend works out with me and cooks healthy meals and never stops telling me how great, strong and gorgeous I am. But I'm still battling with myself.

Has this happened to anyone? I am currently trying to pouch reset as I am pulling out all the stops.

I got too lax. I see that. But I still log every single day. Even after a big night of drinking and dancing with friends. I will log that late night pizza and wine.

Any tips would be awesome. I'm excited to turn 30 since I spent most of my 20's worried about my health and future. I just want to feel excited for a new decade of health and achieving personal goals.


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on 3/29/17 9:48 am - Warren, OH

This is hard to answer without sounding mean. After surgery there is a "honeymoon" period. It is when we are most motivated to stick to our plan.

After the honeymoon, people start eating more and usually regain about 20 pounds.

That is why it is so beneficial to stay strictly in weight loss mode until you are 20 or 30 pounds under your goal weight. Then you have that 20 pound cushion for bounce back regain.

If you really want to lose 50 pounds, then you have to do it the hard way. The surgery effect is over and it will be a big challenge to drop one pound a week. If you give yourself a year and continue the 1200 calories, low carb, high protein and lots of exercise, you can still get to your personal goal.

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on 3/29/17 11:21 am

Thank you! Totally get that and will have to just bite the bullet. take care


on 3/29/17 10:18 am
RNY on 08/21/12

When you start working out like crazy, you retain a LOT of water.

Be patient. Weigh and log your food. Every last bite. If you are being honest, and keeping your calories low, you will lose.

The time for the fairly effortless weight loss is gone. You're going to have to fight to lose every pound now. Lots of people do it, but it will take long term committment.

6'3" tall, male. Maintaining a loss of 280 pounds.

Highest weight was 475. Consult weight 04/12 was 411. RNY on 08/21/12 at 359 lbs. Current weight 195.

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Thank you! hoping that is the case. My boyfriend is a rugby player and can lose 20 lbs in two weeks just by "not eating junk". We work out together and I think while he inspires me majorly, I'm searching for HIS results. I'll keep at it. I appreciate it! Have a great day


on 3/29/17 11:51 am - Woburn, MA

OMG, rugby is uncivilized, lol. Tell him to be careful!

VSG on 04/28/2014

on 3/29/17 11:53 am

LOL I used to play too! Back when I had tons of muscles AND fat.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response and advice!:)


on 3/29/17 12:51 pm

LOL I used to play too! Back when I had tons of muscles AND fat.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response and advice!:)


on 3/29/17 10:23 am - Woburn, MA

I think 1200 calories a day may be too much. Honestly, I think I ate about 600-800 to lose. Good luck.

VSG on 04/28/2014

on 3/29/17 11:38 am

Thank you! I just did more research after you and Sparkle Kitty in another post recommended that. Hoping that helps me break a bit. Take care! I appreciate your feedback!


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