New A1C

Mary S.
on 9/24/17 8:05 am - Eden Prairie , MN
VSG on 05/15/17
Hi fellow VSG's, I am happy to say that my A1c has gone from 6.9 to 6, I can't believe it! I feel terrific, more energy and stamina. What about all this ugly skin, though? Fat fills out wrinkles, no doubt! I try to take it a day at a time and focus on the positive, but it ain't a pretty Can you relate? I am much older than most of you and probably have a lot less I will just keep exercising, loofa, etc., and see where I am at goal. Thanks for listening. Hope you have a great Sunday!!!!

Original surgery 12/5/06 - 238

VSG 5/15/17 - SW 213.5, CW 203.5, GW 140

White Dove
on 9/24/17 8:17 am

After exfoliating, use a skin tightening cream like Neutrogena. It costs about $10 and really helps the appearance of my skin.

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Mary S.
on 9/24/17 1:41 am - Eden Prairie , MN
VSG on 05/15/17
Thanks for the info!

Original surgery 12/5/06 - 238

VSG 5/15/17 - SW 213.5, CW 203.5, GW 140

diane S.
on 9/24/17 11:31 am

Thanks for the Neutrogena skin tip. I am going to get some. At nearly 8 years I look worse in a bathing suit now than when fat due to saggy skin. Fortunately I am too old to care and also live in a cool climate so no need for shorts or tank tops. Add that to being white as a gardenia for a double does of bad bathing suit look. But I wouldn't trade it for the weight! Diane S

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Shannon S.
on 9/24/17 11:44 am
VSG on 11/07/17

Lololol white as a gardenia!!! Love it!

Cecily C.
on 9/24/17 9:28 am - CA
VSG on 02/22/17

Congrats on the A1c! I can relate to the skin. After gaining and losing well over 100 pounds 4 times in my life, my elasticity is shot. I'll be planning on plastics in the future!

on 9/24/17 11:05 am
VSG on 10/05/17

Hi, I can relate I am 60 Years old had lap over 9 years and now having a revision to VSG on October 2nd. The skin at our age is something you have to live with. I rather be healthy than worry about my skin. You can always dress and hide your skin. Only thing I could not live with was my arms after I lost 85 lbs so I did do plastics on my arms and I am happy how they came out. Yes, I did gain weight since my arms but they look good and I will do weights to keep my arms from sagging again. There are a lot of over 60 wls patients who feel as you do. Health first is my motto! Congrats on your A1C.

Shannon S.
on 9/24/17 11:45 am
VSG on 11/07/17

Congrats on your A1C. Keep up the good work!!!!

Gwen M.
on 9/24/17 12:43 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Congrats on the A1c. I can't relate to those feelings about skin - I had a lot of excess skin, as evidenced by needing 3 rounds of reconstructive surgeries, but I never felt it was ugly. It was/is just cumbersome and complicates the exercise I want to do, so it must be dealt with.

And I definitely look a lot better in clothes after swapping the obesity for some excess skin :)

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Kathy H.
on 9/25/17 3:41 am - Dade City, FL
VSG on 12/13/16

Congrats, Mary. That's great news! I'm glad you're feeling good, too. I know what you mean about the skin but I've decided that I can deal with that much better than the pounds of fat that used to fill it. No plastics for me. I don't want to go through the expense and pain and, at my age, who am I trying to impress, lol. Hope to see you this winter and we can compare our wrinkles!

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