Weight loss at a stall 4 weeks out...

on 12/2/17 9:10 am
VSG on 09/28/17

Hi everyone! I've lost 35 pounds since my pre-op diet and I'm 6 weeks out of surgery, but I haven't lost a pound since I was 4 weeks out! Anyone else go through this? I'm so discouraged now and feel like I went through all this crap for nothing! Help!

Erin T.
on 12/2/17 10:21 am
VSG on 01/17/17

Search for '3 week stall' and you'll get a million posts. It's totally normal.

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VSG on 09/29/17

My first stall was at 6 weeks also. As a matter of fact, I went up 3 pounds. (I have lymphodema though so I'm pretty sure it was swelling as I had stopped using my compression garments for a few days.) But then I didn't lose for almost a week.

Just keep plugging along, you body at times goes "OH my goodness, what are doing" and attempts to put the brakes on. Continue to hydrate, eat low carb, high protein and don't despair. You will start losing again.

Do you track you foods? If you don't, I might suggest that you try for a few days. You may notice you are eating something that you think is good, but find out that you are actually overdoing it with a particular food.


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Donna L.
on 12/2/17 12:32 pm - Chicago, IL
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Many things can cause weight loss stalls in general, though a stall at 3-4 weeks isn't uncommon.

Staying hydrated helps very much with weight loss. This is because we excrete broken down fat products via the lungs or urine primarily. It also helps keep things moving and avoids constipation. Dehydration and underhydration can both cause stalls.

Increasing carbohydrate causes the body to store water. This is because we store extra glucose as much as we can (it's bad to have too much in the blood) by binding a form of it, glycogen, to water. This can cause us to gain 10-15 pounds.

Hormones also affect the water-fat-weight trifecta of the body. Hormones have a very powerful effect on weight in general, as obesity is a disorder of hormone dysregulation.

Also, you can lose fat while not losing weight. Fat loss is not the same as weight loss, actually, and many times I've lost inches without the scale moving.

Sleep deprivation also causes us to stall. You must get enough sleep, both to recover from major surgery, and to lose weight. The brain is quite active when we sleep actually, and we heal and rejuvenate the most when asleep.

Definitely review your food logs and make sure you are adequately drinking.

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

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Gwen M.
on 12/2/17 2:00 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Are you weighing/measuring and tracking everything you put into your mouth with something like MyFitnessPal?

What, exactly, are you eating each day? Give us a sample of your daily meal plan?

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VSG on 10/23/17

Just like you, I stalled at 4 weeks after losing 25 lbs. quickly (I am currently 9 weeks out). For two weeks I lost less than 1/2 pound. Then it broke and I lost 3 lbs. in 1 week. Just stay on course, knowing that eventually you will break the plateau. It's really a motivation killer, but once I learned that everyone goes through this, I didn't feel so bad. Also, up your exercise. That helped me get my metabolism moving.