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VSG on 12/18/17

I am sixteen days out from surgery Happy New Year all, and I feel motivated. I love these forums as I stated before and they are needed and very informal and beneficial; but for me I had to take a reprieve from posting and even researching. I was allowing some comments to worry me, make me fear, and be in doubt and I was becoming angry and cynical of the blessing of even being able to have this life changing surgery. I had to look at who I am and what applied to my family. My husband and I were able to see the benefit of our increased health in the midst of almost losing everything in Hurricane Harvey and we know GOD makes no mistakes. We were doing what we felt was helping us in our journeys in life and then ended up with wake up calls by being Harvey victims and being triaged at the shelter at Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe, by being blessed by some amazing men and women who served us all greatly and learning my Diabetes was out of control and his blood pressure and etc. We began after our transition taking better care to seeing about our health and after 3-4 times of hearing I was going to die, I was unctioned and reminded of VSG and we decided it may be best for us. We work hard, so paying out of pocket didn't scare us, and we love our team. As, time went on we learned that yes, we needed more information and we had a lot to learn and that is fine, life has this process. I found that I am just am not competitive among other things in doing what is right, I take the advice giving here now and filter it by prayer and I am thankful.

My updates are I am now on soft foods as of yesterday. I am 20lbs down in 2 weeks. I have my vitamin regime down as I need it. I get in my protein as much as I can with out making myself sick and my fluids. Some foods sit well with me others do not and I can tell because the ones that do not as I learn which ones to eat will come back. I take my PPI and it helps but I have noticed I have to sit a certain way to feel comfortable at times with my food and beverage intake. I do not eat and drink at the same time. I sleep good, yet; my energy level has increased so I am up earlier or later. My scars are healing fine and fading. I am excited because I have found some vlogging down to earth for me, mentors and they help me stay motivated.

Until Next#movingwait(weight)~Lisa-Marie

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Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
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VSG on 12/10/13

>> I was allowing some comments to worry me, make me fear, and be in doubt and I was becoming angry and cynical of the blessing of even being able to have this life changing surgery.

There are a lot of people on these forums who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. People here genuinely want to help you succeed. Don't respond with fear and doubt, but use it as an opportunity to make positive change.

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I am so happy that you are doing well, and have lost 20 pounds already. Congratulations. Well done. I wish you every success. Carol


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Gwen M.
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VSG on 03/13/14

I recommend that you never stop researching. The current ASMBS guidelines are a great place to start. PubMed.gov also has a ton of peer-reviewed scholarly articles and many have full text available for free.

In addition, those who are years post-op and still take the time to help new users have a wealth of information that comes from their successes (and failures) and try to give those experiences back to the community.

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