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Hi. Im trying to come back to the fold. I was really gung ho and did really good for the first year and half... these past 18 months have been pretty hard.. like several i have fallen off the wagon (actually hid the wagon deep in the woods and trying to find it).. I have been absent from the forums, (no 1 big mistake) There is so much good helpful information and support within these posts.. I have missed them and direly need them.. Not sure who is still here and whom may remember me. My high weight when I started my journey was about 269. I got down to 170ish. Now back up to almost 200 but holding. It is sooo sooo hard to get back on track... I know , keep recording and weighing my foods, being 100% honest with what is recorded, only hurting myself lying to myself... i have remained conscious of carbs but ate them anyway.. shame shame shame.. I finally made the crack slaw, twice, and granddaughter that lives with me loves loves it (as do I).. I will get back here within the next couple of days and put stats in etc. I am packing right now to go up to NC to have surgery on my right roatator cuff and bicep. Over the past year I have had left rotator cuff, bicep repair and 3 spinal surgeries along with going back to work and traveling back and forth.. Hopefully I am settling down to get back into the proper groove ll

Well, hello to all the old timers that may still be around, and Hi to the newbies that may be considering the VSG (you won't regret it one bit) or any other bariatric procedure..




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Welcome back! This board is a great support to me. I read it every day.

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Laura in Texas
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Thanks for sharing your story. About 3 years out is when it gets hard so you are not alone. Too many newbies think the journey will be as easy as it is in the beginning. For most of us, it is not.

You can do this. Forgive yourself and move on from here.

Laura in Texas

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Gwen M.
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Welcome back! I remember you.

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Welcome back! I'm a "newbie", & know I have so much to learn from everyone's successes & challenges- thanks for sharing yours. Good luck with your surgery, wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Hi Pam,

I remember you. Glad to see you back.


T Hagalicious Rebel

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Hi & Welcome back! I remember you.

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on 1/21/18 8:04 am

Hi psren13

I remember all your good advice and your pic, we are all in this together! We all need good nutrition for good strong mentally healthy bodies and we know what that good nutrition is especially beneficial surgery. We need our bodies to heal properly so it will live a long, long time. So I would just say:

  1. Eat healthy and be strong for your precious grandbaby.
  2. D not beat yourself up for going off track, even if you go off track everyday just get back up again.
  3. Join the Spring Fling until April 1st and post your numbers. It is embarrassing but it is so helpful.
Donna L.
on 1/21/18 9:19 am - Chicago, IL
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I remember you too!

And ugh, good luck with surgery. That is awful. I hope you recover soon, Pam, and I will keep you in my thoughts

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

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VBG on 12/07/17

Welcome back!

I am a relative newbie, but welcome seeing your posts. Keep on track! Hope things calm down for you.


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