Pregnant 3 months out from gastric sleeve.

on 2/3/18 2:46 am
VSG on 11/18/17

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this but was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I got the VSG not only to help me get back to the old me but also to help me have my second child. Well I lost 50 lbs (about half the weight I wanted to lose) in 12 weeks. I'm thrilled. My Dr. told me with my history of inability to achieve and maintain a pregnancy I should not necessarily wait to try again if that's what I wanted.(her recommendation was to just let it be and that a baby is a wonderful thing so don't prevent it) And don't get me wrong it is exactly what I wanted. I just didn't think after 4 years of trying with no luck I would be pregnant the first month of not preventing it. I was told by my surgeon last visit if I were to get pregnant the baby would still be better off than being 50 lbs heavier. And research does show people have a much healthier pregnancy. And that there is no evidence to show nutrition deprivation for the baby but here I am 5 wks pregnant and freaking out. Not so much about my current nutrition. I feel I'm eating enough and choosing the right foods. I'm worried about further down the line. And how I will bounce back after.

Does anyone have any experiences they can share or advice?? Did you lose weight during pregnancy? Did the baby weight come right off? How will my sleeve react?


super excited but super nervous ?

diane S.
on 2/3/18 11:16 am

I have no personal experience but my surgeon told me that they had maybe 60 healthy babies born to wls patients that were sooner than expected after surgery. Obesity does indeed interfere with fertility. GL and enjoy this time. DS

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on 2/3/18 12:51 pm
VSG on 01/23/18

Congratulations! I don't have personal experience either, but I was in a meeting where a gal asked about pregnancy issues, the surgeon reassured her that the baby would be fine, but the most interesting thing he said was that the baby would have it's lifetime chances of being obese reduced by 90%. I was really surprised. What a gift to your child.

Amber Waddell
on 2/3/18 8:30 pm

I got pregnant with my first child 4 years after my VSG. I gained 35 pounds during that pregnancy and had a healthy baby. The only issue I experienced was low Iron. And I don't know if it is random or not but both my pregnancies they had to break my water because it wouldn't break on it's own.

I would just eat throughout the day (snacking kinda) in order to make sure I was getting in enough water and nutrition for myself and the baby.

Donna L.
on 2/4/18 8:04 am - Chicago, IL
Revision on 02/19/18

Part of the issue with it being close to surgery is more that it's much harder to get nutrition closer to surgery since we have a smaller food capacity and are more prone to decencies even on our own, and with a baby there is the possibility of added issues. That is more the concern. It all comes down to labs and how they look.

It might be good to meet with the bariatric nutritionist and see if you should add extra nutrients or protein your body might need. Being pregnant is a whole other metabolic ball game. I'm not as familiar with the nutrition so close to surgery.

It's a lot of exciting things at once, though. Good luck!

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

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Oxford Comma Hag
on 2/4/18 11:29 am

I am quite surprised your surgeon didn't tell you to be vigilant with birth control for the first year at least. It can be difficult to get adequate nutrition during pregnancy post op, especially so early out.

It might be a good idea to see a dietician to help during this time.

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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 2/4/18 1:22 pm
VSG on 12/10/13

I got pregnant 13 months after VSG, when I'd reached goal and waited the doctor-required 12 months after surgery date.

You are correct that babies born to women with lower BMI are generally healthier. BUT you are in a very risky situation. At only a few months out, it is going to be INCREDIBLY difficult to take in either the quantity or the quality of nutrition needed to grow a healthy fetus.

You say "there is no evidence to show nutrition deprivation for the baby," but I am very skeptical. Have you talked to a high-risk OB and/or an OB nutritionist to confirm that you're getting enough calories and the appropriate nutrients. Your surgeon likely has very little expertise in fetal medicine, so you need to find an OB immediately.

Speaking personally? I got into some bad habits during pregnancy, and I'm still fighting them 2 years later. I gained a bit of weight above the baby weight and I'm working very hard on it now. Some people report that the baby weight "falls off," but it certainly wasn't my experience.

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