A VSG grad 9 years out

on 3/4/18 1:47 pm

When I first got my vertical sleeve, I was a frequent participant in this forum. I came back when I had my panni about 3 years ago. So, though I don't participate much anymore, I've never forgotten how valuable this group has been at the various stages of my life post VSG. I have had a few setbacks, but not in relationship to my VSG. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer last May and have been going through treatments. I'm finished with chemo and radiation, but my CT scan showed a gallbladder polyp that needs looking at so in a few weeks I will be saying goodby to my gallbladder. I've been told not to worry about that polyp, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

During my radiation treatments, which were daily M-F for about 5 weeks, I was so grateful for my weight loss and for the panni. I have a huge scar that starts at my bra line and goes almost to china. Imagine if the surgeon would have had to go over and under that flap of skin and fat. I asked what the radiation would be like if I still had that big apron. I probably would have had radiation burns because the dosage would have had to have been higher. Whew.

I still watch what I eat, basically because my sleeve rebels if I don't pay attention to what I put in my mouth. I can eat anything, but I have to be especially attentive when I am eating meat. Nothing sends those little barfy messages quite as fast as dense meat like chicken or steak. I do not feel deprived at all. Eating was a struggle when I was getting treatment because I had no appetite. I wasn't nauseas, though. Nothing tasted good because chemo affects fast growing cells that affect the inside of your mouth (and all of your digestive track) and hair follicles. My appetite is back, so I have to go back on my usual attentiveness to what I eat.

I find that I am craving fruits and vegetables, which isn't a bad thing at all. This winter it was oranges. Now I'm moving into apple cravings. Celery is always available as are carrots. But, I sweeten my coffee in the morning and today I ate about 3/4 of a cinnamon donut. Then I forgot to eat until late afternoon (something that happens to me a lot) and started feeling a little bit woozy. So, I made some hash browns and an egg. I'll finish the day with fruits and veggies. And, maybe some chocolate.

It's nice to know that I'm in control. I can splurg a bit. And, I can gain weight. In fact, I did. As I age, that is easier and easier. So, I'm going to take my 70 pound standard poodle out for a walk in the sunshine.

Thanks for reading...

Gwen M.
on 3/5/18 5:54 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Congrats! Stick around - the forums can always use the experiences of people who have been there and done that :)

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Jess Says Yes
on 3/5/18 6:21 am
VSG on 10/24/17

Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you good health as you continue to recover!


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on 3/5/18 8:22 am - Arlington, TX
VSG on 08/17/16

Thank you for sharing, and I hope your cancer stays in remission. I believe that after WLS, even when we have other health issues, the treatments and experience is so much better than it would have been if we were still heavy. I love hearing about people who are years out and still doing well with the weight loss.

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Shrink Violet
on 3/5/18 10:56 am

Thanks for coming back to do an update. I'm having my surgery in a week, and I really like reading stories from "happy customers" :)

I wish you good luck with your cancer treatments!

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on 3/5/18 11:02 am
VSG on 11/19/14

Very glad to read about a long term sleever! Happy to hear your health is in order, I also have a 70 lb Standard Poodle! Female named Bethany, she is our second Standard, Love them!

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on 3/6/18 10:16 am

Do you know about Standard Poodles are Great on Facebook?? It's a huge group that is all about "Spoos". I've learned a lot. Not only is Bridget my first poodle, she is my first dog.

on 3/6/18 10:32 am
VSG on 11/19/14

I did not know about that group, I will certainly look it up. Thank you.

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on 3/6/18 7:20 am

Glad to hear from another long-term alumni. I will be at 9 years myself, this August. I too check in here once in a while because of the value of the forum.

What a ride it's been. Some ups, some downs but I also don't regret a minute of it (and I have not had to deal with what you have). I also find that I can splurge, but that I never feel deprived, and that the sleeve keeps me more in control. I rarely miss the stuff I would have eaten before, and prefer healthy foods. I also make a regular rotation of fruit!

Anyway, I commend your strength and wish you all the best for continued health. [P.S. You won't miss your gallbladder one bit]. Hats off to long term success!


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on 3/6/18 10:24 am

Thank you all for your encouragement. The VSG is one of the best things I've ever done. And the panni, was also one of the best things. I used to be afraid to go to a doctor because I knew I would hear that I needed to lose weight, as if I didn't know that already. I am off to the cardiologist in about an hour and I'm only anxious about my heart, not about a possible weight lecture.

I do splurge, and in some ways, that is daily. I was going to eat a whole pita, toasted under the broiler. I ate half of it, and, um the standard poodle ate the other half when I went to the kitchen to get some peanut butter for her medication. A whole pita is probably a bit too much of a treat. That's a lot of carbs, and I do love those carbs. Lunch will be some tuna salad and celery. I love celery.

The sleeve, though, is really just a handy tool. I can eat my way out of the sleeve and I have to remind myself daily that I cannot do that, that I cannot go back to being a large woman with a small frame.

Hang in there, everyone. It is worth it.

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