Protein shakes

on 3/4/18 6:01 pm
VSG on 03/14/18

May I ask what brand of high protein shake you all used or are using for your liver reduction?

Kristi T.
on 3/5/18 9:28 am - MT
VSG on 02/09/16

Pre op I used unflavored protein powder in unsweetened almond milk with PB2(peanut powder). Post op I used clear Isopure(GNC) ready made(tastes horrible but was required by my surgeon the first 5 days) then moved onto Premier Protein ready made shakes in vanilla, chocolate and bananas and cream. Walmart, Walgreens and Costco carry it. Welcome to OH, another good place to check out is the Menu Thread called "Watcha Eating VSGrs." It's a great place to find support and to get an idea of what other people are eating. Good luck to you!

on 3/5/18 6:36 pm
VSG on 03/14/18

Thank you! I have to use bariatric fusion for 10 days yukky hard to keep Down! Thank u for the advice!?

Erin T.
on 3/6/18 3:07 am
VSG on 01/17/17

I used Bariatric Fusion as well and didn't find it terrible. Before surgery I found blending it with ice helped me to drink it. I alternated between chocolate and vanilla and I bought a bunch of different extracts (orange, coffee, almond, pumpkin pie) to add to it. I had a container left over in the cupboard and I opened it the other day and wanted to gag, I think we all get very sick of the whey protein drinks! I still use Premier Protein as coffee creamer and can drink one if I need a quick shot of protein.

VSG: 1/17/17

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LBL/BL w/ Fat Transfer 1/29/18

on 3/5/18 9:35 am
VBG on 12/07/17

I have used Premier Protein since before the liver-shrink diet. I especially love the Strawberries and Creme as it reminds me of strawberry Quik my mom used to make us when we were younger.


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on 3/5/18 6:28 pm
VSG on 03/14/18
  1. Thank you I can't use the premier for the liver reduction or i would bE Happy! Im using bariatrics fusion chocolate yukky! Have to DRInk 4 a day for 10days its horrible! But it will be worth it!
Shannon S.
on 3/6/18 5:53 pm
VSG on 11/07/17

Initially I started out with premier in chocolate, vanilla, and banana. Ended up not being able to stomach them. Tried 3-4 different kinds of the milky-like ones, and I couldn't even stomach the smell. Eventually, I found Isopure (a clear protein drink in fruity flavors). I've been doing well with those. Moral of the story, you are probably going to have to keep changing up until you find one that works for you, and don't be surprised if you develop an aversion to them.

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