Whatcha Eating Today VSGers? Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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VSG on 01/12/17

Am up pretty early this morning, couldn't sleep well since the neighbor put their dog out around 1 am and it barked nonstop from 1 am to about 5 am. That was fun. Glad I'm up early, can get a few things done like buy a bathing suit and try out this local pool. It's only $3.00 to swim and they have times in the mornings and evenings for people just doing laps. A membership is a bit pricier, $245 a year. If I end up going a lot, I may invest. Getting up early doesn't help changing my schedule to a night schedule though!

I made a social media account the other day and had a weird reaction to having one? I'm not sure what it was, I had like a sudden, heavy amount of anxiety just knowing I had one. No idea what that's about. Ended up deactivating it lol. Maybe in time I will be a little less bizarre about social media.

QOTD: Anything that makes you particularly anxious, or nervous? Other than social media, I hate loud noises surrounding me. So some place like a bar, or even just somewhere with people around me talking up a storm.

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Good morning, it's Tuesday - feels weird as I worked at home yesterday and don't usually work at home on Mondays - it has totally thrown me off.

QOTD: Last summer my dog had a herniated disk and needed emergency surgery and 8 weeks of recovery. Believe it or not that made me totally anxious for the entire time until I knew he was okay. The dog we had before him passed prematurely and I am totally neurotic about this dog. It was really concerning - my daughter said, "Mom, you were in a bad way" so it was obvious to others as well. Last week he needed soft palate resection and his nostrils widened. I did much better this time - and he already seems like himself.

B: had dry cheerios on the ride to work

L: salad with turkey breast

D: IDK, going out with the girls! I need this badly with my kitchen remodel. :D :D :D

E: walking at lunch - it is supposed to be humid, oh well

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Kristi T.
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VSG on 02/09/16

I completely understand being neurotic about your dog, I am too! My dog Sage that I had before my dog now died prematurely from an allergic reaction to a bee sting. It was horrible, the Vet tried everything and couldn't get her airway open again. So I am very neurotic when it comes to Emmy, anytime she acts different and has to go to the Vet my anxiety goes through the roof! Our animals are precious, so I totally understand!

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VSG on 06/26/17

Our puppies are our fur babies - I understand totally

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VSG on 11/19/14

Good morning Mersh and VSG Menu crew. I am a dog lover and I feel that is terrible that your neighbor did that. Very inconsiderate. I would put up with it once. Do they realize you can hear the dog? Could you talk to them or is that not a possibility? I did not end up going running last evening, I did yard work and went through six bags of mulch and 10 bags of river rock, so I did get alot of exercise. Then we grilled some Boneless ribeyes, so good!!!

Accountability was spot on.

QOTD - I like everyone to get along and be happy. I am able to see the good in most things and try to look for any positive I can, It bothers me when friends or coworkers are not getting along or are upset. I like things to go smooth and if not I get anxious.

B - Protein Bar

S - Oikos triple zero

L - Ham/Egg chef salad

S -= cheese stick

D - Boneless ribs

E - gym night.

Stay healthy my friends, Mike

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VSG on 08/11/14

Good morning,

The oral surgeon did a good job at pulling my tooth, I have no pain this morning and only used Tylenol yesterday.

My depression is lifting too. I feel good today.

Qotd in large crowds where you can hardly move in, if I have space it's ok.

B ham and cheese omelette and string cheese

L tuna, cottage cheese and honeycrisp apple. Will see about the apple

D ham and carrots

Have a good day

Kristi T.
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VSG on 02/09/16

Glad you are feeling better and your depression is lifting Yvonne, hang in there!

Liz WantsHealthForAll
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VSG on 03/28/16

Good morning! I'm sorry you couldn't sleep. $3 a swim seems super reasonable. I guess if you swim a couple of times a week on a regular basis the annual is worth it, but I think that is a great deal. I'm paying $5 per lesson for yoga.

QOTD: I have anxiety about being on time for appointments, etc. And I don't like a lot of noise or loud music at anytime.

2 Years, 1.5 months post-op

Always lots of coffee...

B: Eggs scrambled with cottage cheese and Canadian bacon

L: Tuna sashimi (going out to lunch with former co-workers)

D: leftover halibut (I didn't eat it last night)

S: apple (maybe protein bar)

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VSG on 07/03/17

B-hard boiled egg and slice of bacon

L-tuna salad

S-preworkout- 2 hard boiled eggs

D-2 chicken diablos, 1/4 corn cob

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Jess Says Yes
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VSG on 10/24/17

Hi all! I am dragging today. I think it's the post-vacation blues. I'm just not in the mood to get going, and would rather be floating in the pool :)

QOTD: Even as a little girl I had a fear of being trapped. I get very anxious in any environment where I can't choose to just walk out the door (airplanes, the subway, locked doors, elevators, someone blocking my exit, etc). I have had pretty rough panic attacks in those situations. Ironically I work in jails and prisons now! The first few months I had to take anxiety meds just to walk through the gate. Now I occasionally have to do some grounding/ deep breathing but otherwise I'm good to go.

B - Protein shake

L - triple zero yogurt and pecans

D - shrimp and avocado toast

E - strength training (I didn't end up doing any when I got home last night, so take two)


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