What is your daily diet 2 years out? Please share... I'm so stuck

on 7/23/18 8:03 am

I recently logged my food and am at 1000/1200... and 60 carbs...and havent lost any weight in an embarrassingly long time...

I'm definitely sensitive to carbs but I thought 60 was pretty good! I dont eat bread or pasta (or drink)... if I'm being honest I do shove a fistful of cereal in my face but honestly not that often...

I'm doing better and feeling better but I have 40lbs to go...

on 7/23/18 9:19 am
VSG on 08/23/16

Are you exercising? That will make a difference. Here's my day (I'm 2 years on 8/23)

Breakfast - 4 ounces fresh pineapple, 1/2 cup spinach, 1 cup Fairlife skim, 1 scoop protein powder - ice and blender

Mid-morning snack - 1 5.3 ounce container of Oikos Triple Zero (usually peach) with 2 tablespoons of Granola Factory Almond Quinoa granola

Lunch - 4 ounces of chicken breast with 1 tablespoon of pesto for pesto chicken salad. 2 cups spring mix and 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Afternoon snack - fruit (today was 8 ounces of cherries, sometimes a peach or a banana)

Dinner - today it's a protein bar because I go from work directly to my fencing club where I will fence for 3 hours and burn about 1500 calories.

2nd Dinner - I'll have half a bagel with some peanut butter because my body will be screaming for some carbs.

If I'm not doing a heavy work out, I have 4-6 ounces of protein (closer to 6 if I'm eating fish, 4 if beef - otherwise I get too full) and a salad of some kind for dinner - sometimes an additional veg - asparagus, greenbeans, etc.

I snack on cheese and sugar free pudding.

I'm not concerned at this point about pounds, but more about replacing fat with muscle mass, so I'm still protein heavy - probably close to 100 grams a day and close to a gallon of water on my workout days (6 out of 7 days).

Try going back to basics and checking packaging on stuff - there's sugar hidden in all kinds of foods. I generally avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Keep on losing!


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Gwen M.
on 7/23/18 9:48 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I recommend checking out the daily "what're you eating" thread to see what people are eating.

If you're not losing weight, you're eating at maintenance level. It would be beneficial to start weighing and tracking everything you put in your mouth to see exactly what your calories, proteins, and carbs are. From there, work on cutting your calories bac****il you're losing weight again.

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on 7/23/18 3:58 pm
VSG on 03/28/17

You could try intermittent fasting: Eat the same things, but don't eat before noon or after 8pm ever. See what happens!

on 7/23/18 5:31 pm


I am a WLS patient from 2 decades ago., a surgery no longer done, but a portion of my surgery is now called the RNY.. I also had banding above and below pouch and small bowel resection, appendix removed, large portion of colon was removed. Gall bladder was bad and removed.

The long and short of it is you are eating too much of the things you do not tolerate/use properly. This is my base diet. I do not count any calories just protein, carbs, and water. I tolerate little fat. My Dr prescribed 90 grams protein, and 20-50 grams of carbs.

When you are having the tolerance of your carbs, and you add ANY,. you stop weight loss for several days. to get restarted ...to get to your goal... This would be my approach

Try cutting your daily carbs to about 20-25, and increase your protein to 90- 100 grams. Use healthy fats, coconut/ real butter/olive oil. If you do this you should not be hungry.. You should see a jumpstart, but it will not be overnight probably will take at least a week. and possibly 2. Just keep on cutting back on the carbs and adding proteins..drink water. filtered water. avoid processed food, avoid artificial sweetners.. Stevia pyure brand has been my bet friend...not as bitter tasting as some brands and is processed cleanly.

also begin to move more... go for a 15 min walk, do something 2 xa day. park further out in parking lot when you go to shop...plant a garden mow the yard... what ever activity you can do some of every day... walk a flight of stairs, start by decending .. then begin adding difficulty. My daughter does "ddpy" and loves it has had good results with it, and has not had WLS. there are workouts for even bed bound so is something you can do in it...check it out on you tube.It is mostly isometrics and stretchs.

You can get there. Consistency! lots of water. flush your liver with milk thistle. take 2 one time daily for 10 days to clear the liver, increase it's function.

My breakfast is one peice of diet toast, 1/2 tsp butter to scramble 3 large eggs in with meat tenderizer(I have an enzyme deficiency)and sometimes a peice of bacon...Be sure to separate foods from fluids by at least 30 min...then if you have a protein drink you use, would be a good time to get it in mid morning to late morning...

The goal should be to get close to 3/4 of proteins in by 1pm . carbs for breakfast, snack, lunch should be a combined 15-18.. with 5-7 grams saved for evening meal and snack. they should be evenly spaced as possible thru the day.

Your last meal should also be heavy on proteins, with a protein and light carb snack for late. night. (a tablespoon of natural peanut butter with 2 or 3 saltine crackers.)..( depends on what time you go to bed...mine is about 10:30 and i go to bed between midnight and 1 am. and arise)