I get excited when I feel hungry

on 8/12/18 12:52 pm

well I've discovered something pretty neat. After a bit of a stall, I start feeling hungry for a couple of days. Invariably, I drop a couple pounds pretty quickly. I used to experience this when I was dieting, and I'd forgotten. But here it is again. I was getting frustrated by the stall, then hungry, which was even more frustrating. But if I don't give in, I lose more weight. So now when I feel hungry even though I know I've had enough, or a craving for carbs after a meal, I get a bit excited because I know I'm going to drop some pounds. Amazing what these bodies of ours do, isn't it.


on 8/12/18 3:32 pm

I've noticed the same thing, but I also feel warmer and my temperature goes up a tad. I'm done with pre-menopausal hot flashes, and this feels different. I don't turn red, but I just feel warm to the touch and sweat a bit more in the evening. Then the next morning the scale drops a bit. Another weird thing I've noticed is that my normal basal body temperature is no longer 97.0-it's now 98.4-6 since surgery and losing more than 100 lbs. I really believe obesity interferes with many aspects of our endocrine and other symptoms.