When does reflux hit

on 9/12/18 8:52 am

ive been really lucky not to have reflux since getting my sleeve almost 6 months ago. Except his nice when I ate too close to bed time and that went away quickly. What I'm wondering is can it become a problem at any time you f I don't have it now, even if I don't eat too much or too close to lying down and eat the right things? Or is this a luck of the draw thing? I really don't want a revision ever.


on 9/12/18 9:04 am

Also before surgery I had very small hiatus hernia which was repaired during VSG and mild monsymptomatic reflux. Now symptoms now, just wondering if it can pop up out of the blue.

on 9/12/18 10:13 am - Woburn, MA

I don't remember when it started but if I don't take a prilosec every day after about 1.5 days I start to get reflux symptoms. Also if I eat before bed, I will wake up choking on saliva - and I'm sure it's reflux. It's one way to keep me in check about night time eating.

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on 9/12/18 10:18 am
RNY on 08/21/12

It can hit any time. I've seen many that had it from Day 1, and others where it doesn't come on for 3 or 4 years. Just hope that was a random thing, do your best to eat well, and hope it never bothers you.

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on 9/12/18 11:51 am
VSG on 05/12/14

Mine hit around 8 months post surgery and got progressively worse. I revised 2 years and 2 months post VSG

on 9/12/18 2:04 pm

Mine hit around 6 years out and I was revised to RNY 7 years post VSG. More and more people are reporting GERD post VSG.

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on 9/12/18 7:46 pm

Developing GERD is one of my chief worries, right up there will regain. I had a bit at about 2 months post op, but it went away. Praying it stays away.

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on 9/13/18 10:29 pm
VSG on 08/28/18

I'm really hoping mine stays away. I'm only two weeks post VSG. I was going to do RNY but changed my mind. I really hope I don't need medication long term or revision