What was your immediate recovery like?

Gwen M.
on 10/8/18 3:14 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

I think I've mentioned this before, but I go to a local WLS support group that's hosted by a healthcare organization that's not the one I had surgery with. The support group is open to all and I'm grateful to take advantage of it. The healthcare organization also hosts a Facebook group.

I'm astounded by all the people who post because it seems that vomiting is a totally normal thing for all their patients post-op. With some patients, they vomit for months. And I'm just dumbfounded by this because I don't see many stories of vomiting here on OH, and it's not something I ever had a problem with. (I'm 4.5 years post-op and the times I've vomited were due to kidney stone pain, not related to WLS at all.)

Did you have persistent vomiting after WLS? How long did it last if you did have problems?

I think I'm just astonished by this HCO in general. They still promote the band and it seems like they do VSG for everyone, regardless of pre-existing GERD or diabetes status. They haven't kicked me out of the support group yet, but I figure it's just a matter of time :P

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Cathy H.
on 10/8/18 3:44 pm
VSG on 10/31/16

Wow, that doesn't sound right at all!! The only times I threw up in the first few months post-op, was when I ate too much. Only once did I spontaneously barf, the other two times I had to make myself because I was in pain. Learned my lesson after that. I had a little trouble with excess acid a couple of times after I stopped taking my PPI after 6 months, but that went away pretty quickly.

My recovery was really very easy. I went back to work after 2 weeks, and things were good. I'm shocked to see they have a history of patients who vomit for so long. Something sounds very, very wrong there!!

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on 10/8/18 3:49 pm

Seems extremely abnormal to me as well. We did discuss nausea a few times in my groups but not that it was common. There was always the discussion about *IF* you're nauseous to the place you feel you're going to vomit, take a look at what you ate, how fast, how frequently, vitamins with iron, etc.

In the six months since my surgery, I've only thrown up once and it was entirely my own fault for trying to eat something that was just too much.

on 10/8/18 4:16 pm
VSG on 05/07/18

I am 5 mos post-VSG and have not vomited once since surgery. At my clinic's twice-monthly support group there is often discussion of heartburn and burping/gurgling, but vomiting has rarely come up.

on 10/8/18 4:42 pm

I no longer go to the local group, but did for maybe 2 years or so. Nobody complained of that with any regularity- hiccups, runny nose yes. Not months of vomiting. Is this caused by a mishapen sleeve or pehaps too small?

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Jess Says Yes
on 10/8/18 7:05 pm
VSG on 10/24/17

No vomiting here, even when I overate. Instead I just felt very very uncomfortable.


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on 10/8/18 7:23 pm

I threw up 12 times the first 13 hours after surgery. Nausea hit me really badly.

i have thrown up a few times since. Just tonight truthfully. I drank some water a bit to fast. That's usually the reason why. It's weird when I do throw up there is usually no stomach acid in it.

on 10/8/18 8:47 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Only time I threw is when I ate too much or the meat was dry. Never heard it a my support groups either.

Erin T.
on 10/9/18 2:27 am
VSG on 01/17/17

I did nothing but vomit for 36 hours post-op (or really dry heave since there was nothing in there) and that was it. The only vomit since has been gagging episodes related to anesthesia from two surgeries I've had. Not ever due to overeating.

I'm going to jinx myself for sure, but I haven't vomited outside of a hospital in over 10 years!

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Shannon S.
on 10/9/18 3:56 am
VSG on 11/07/17

I only vomited once after eating salmon. I've felt like I was going to vomit 2 other times but didn''t. I was eating some sort of dense protein each time.It was definitely avoidable. I think I can safely say this happened due to not chewing well, or taking in too much. No nausea or vomiting in several months now. I would hate to think this is normal for someone because it is an awful feeling.