Whatcha Eating Today, VSGers? Friday, 11/02/18

on 11/2/18 8:29 am

Happy Friday! I've been poking around for a few hours and thought I'd go ahead and add a post for today.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a fabulous weekend. I scheduled pictures for DH an I. After 11 years, we only have photos from our wedding... so I thought it was time!

QOTD: With the holidays quickly approaching, what's your favorite VSG friendly "treat" to help keep you focused?

It's my FIRST holiday season with tiny but I'm researching tons of recipes. A few weeks ago I discovered cinnamon almond butter. I threw a tablespoon into a blender with some premier vanilla and another shake of cinnamon. I added a little SF whip to the top. It felt really indulgent but was a pretty VSG friendly surprise.

Meals today:

B: Gingerbread Latte

S: Pretzels

L: Wendy's Chili

D: Pork loin and veggie

Kristi T.
on 11/2/18 9:42 am - MT
VSG on 02/09/16

Good morning! Pictures after 11 years together will be wonderful to have, it's definitely time! Have fun with it today!

It is so wet and so dark here today. 10:30am and it looks like it should be 6:00am. The rain has been continuous and non-stop since 4pm yesterday. I am taking my mom to her favorite casino today, I always loose so I don't take very much money along. I keep thinking one day the universe has to even out and I will win back my losses:-)

QOTD-I have seen the flavored nut butters, the only one I have tried is Jason's Honey Almond Butter. I will try the cinnamon one. VSG friendly treat for the holidays? I haven't made anything, but am willing to try. To be honest I usually allow myself a taste of the holiday treats. I bought some Monk Fruit sweetener yesterday for the first time, I will do some experimenting.

B-1/3 cup granola, bullet coffee

L-1/2 cup 2%Fage with peaches(frozen), monk fruit and slivered almonds

S-Hot Tea


E-Will take Emmy for a walk in the rain, she loves the rain:-)

Have a wonderful Friday!

on 11/2/18 11:08 am

I wish you all the luck at the casino!!!

on 11/2/18 9:59 am - Woburn, MA

Happy Friday. Dreary day here as well. Working at home which help - no Friday commute. Big ambitions to do house stuff this weekend.

QOTD: During weight loss stage, I was very focused and can't even remember indulging, except for no sugar added fudgesicles at 40 calories a pop. They were a life saver. Once in maintenance, I have whatever I really want - note - really want, not just eating because it's there. I find going out for an ice cream to be a better strategy than having a quart in the house etc. It is a tough time of year tho as there are lots of things that i "really want" haha.

B: 3-4 mini waffles (I need to shop)

L: shared a chobani pumpkin yogurt with the dog

D: going to DelFriscos - planning on a steak-n-cheese eggroll and some of my husband's steak

E: raining, so doubtful

L: having alot of heartburn lately - time to cut back on coffee :(

     VSG on 04/28/2014 

on 11/2/18 11:11 am

My heartburn was heavy last week and I started taking a Zantac before my coffee and it really helped. I hope it eases up for you!

on 11/2/18 11:45 am
VSG on 01/12/17

Thank you for starting us, Ginger! I was up very early this morning, but got tired and forgot to post the menu thread after posting on the general boards. Your gingerbread latte, where is that from? I love gingerbread and lattes when I am not being stingy with calories.

Am a bit tired today, woke up to family drama that seems literally never ending at this point. I don't think there has been a work weekend where I have actually gotten more than 4 hours of sleep. Last weekend I think one of the days I got a lot and it was glorious, but now I am back to almost nothing even with an ambien. I don't think any sleeping medicine is going to help me until family issues clear up.

I did plan to go out for a walk since I am not going to the gym, but now I'm a big grump and cold and not going to do anything. I'm also down two pounds since I last got on the scale a couple weeks ago, so maybe 1300~ calories on non work-out or light work out days is too little still. Oh maintenance, why can't you come with directions I can follow?

QOTD: Foods that I keep that I consider "Treats" are PB Crackers, fruit. I guess that's it maybe? I don't have anything else on hand I keep as treats. For actual thanksgiving/Christmas I will likely just eat the regular foods on those days and not worry about a healthier option for it.

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on 11/3/18 7:41 am

Got my gingerbread latte at Starbucks. I got a tall and made it work with my meal plan. Probably the last one for a while, though.