WATCHA EATING TODAY, VSGers? Sunday 27 Jan 2019

on 1/27/19 2:28 am
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Oh my! January is almost gone! And I've been up since 4 am for some ridiculous reason - we weren't going to Mass till 11 am. I've made coffee, fed the indoor birds, answered some emails, journaled, and had my premier protein. I'm trying to do very quiet things so that husband and dogs (we have an extra this weekend, so 3) don't get up with me. No reason we should all be too tired to watch 60 Minutes tonight, lol.

QOTD: When you set a goal weight, is it a perfect number in your head or is it the number where you feel optimally healthy? Do you feel more comfortable with one or the other? The goal I set was 130, which is where I'm at. But I hit 122-123 and "liked" the number, even though my face looked way too thin. I think it was a number I read back in Seventeen magazine in 1969, for a 5'4" girl which I was. (5'4" although about 140).

Back in the day, at school, they used to weigh and measure everyone in the cafeteria a couple of times a year, and the nurse shouted out your height and weight. Lord what humiliation for everyone, no matter their weight. SO my head number is 130 where I know looks good and is healthy, but my SOUL number is 123 where I wouldn't be ashamed if the nurse shouted.

B: Premier protein shake, coffee

S: Chobani yogurt

L: Small salad with chicken and feta cheese

S: Cottage cheese & sugar free pear

D: Not sure - TBD

Still cold here, but no rain till Tuesday.

Hope each of you has had a solidly good weekend. Oh, my new food scales got here. I have not yet used it, but I think I struggle with portions (I don't finish what I take, but I think I'm overestimated what 4 oz etc is).

Annie :)

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on 1/27/19 5:15 am - Woburn, MA

I couldn't sleep today either. Spat****ed and brined a chicken, making soup, unloaded the dishwasher, lol.

Qotd. At 135 my doctor told me he was happy with my weight. I wanted to be 125 and was happiest and looked best at 122/123. I have crept up to about 140 and can still fit in some size 6/8 but feel very heavy. My doctor says I'm fine but in my head im not. I have new health insurance and am trying to reconnect with my old and favorite therapist to get my head back in the game.

B. Half cored bagel

L. Idk

D. Roast chicken

E. Will walk

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Gwen M.
on 1/27/19 6:42 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Good morning! I'm not entirely sure what my day will be like since I've got interviews (for an assignment) scheduled for 3pm. Before that I need to proofread and submit an assignment for my HMGT class, submit the topic selection for the group assignment for HMGT, and do replies for both of my classes in the discussion forums. I stayed up entirely too late last night since we went to see a musical (Next to Normal) and then self-medicated with ice cream at 11pm when we got home since OMG THAT MUSICAL. It got me right in the feels.

QOTD: Ah, goal weights. When I met with my surgeon the first time I had to put a goal weight on the paperwork. I said 180 because that's the weight I was when I graduated high school and it seemed plausible. I was worried if I put anything lower than that my surgeon would decline me due to having unrealistic expectations. In retrospect, the ease at which he declared 180 was totally possible should have let me know that it was a high goal! ;) That said, I really had a brain goal of 150. That's because my bff, who is also 5'4", told me that she weighed 150 and she had a rocking body, so 150 seemed awesome to me. But then I also had a stretch/ultimate goal of 120 because of some ideal weight calculators I played around with and my physical therapist friend who is also 5'4" and told me that she weighed 120. She's so teeny and adorable looking. I want to be teeny and adorable too!

1: protein shake
2: I really should look at the fridge before I post this.. I think there's still a pesto chicken thigh, so probably that.
3: No idea, since it's leftovers for dinner too and I can't read the fridge magnets from where I'm sitting! I have a feeling the curry meatballs I made last night will have been devoured by the time I get home. I'm not sure if the interviews will run into dinner or not. So, no idea.

liquid and vites: on track
exercise: yoga

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Kristi T.
on 1/27/19 10:41 am - MT
VSG on 02/09/16

Good morning! Shouting out your weight and those of your classmates is horrible. I am sorry that happened to you Annie. We used to have to line up without our clothes on for the shower after gym class. The female gym teacher would stand there with a clipboard checking our names off as we entered the shower. It was awful and so unnecessary!

I am helping my mom with some projects today then taking Emmy for a hike. We went yesterday, but the snow was so deep she kept disappearing. I am going on a groomed trail today:-)

QOTD-My original goal after WLS was 150. I am at 160 now and have set a new goal for 135. I am taking it in steps though. 150 first, then 15 more pounds for 135. I would like to reach this goal by mid July. I would be comfortable with 150, but would love to be 135:-)

B-1/3 cup granola(last day for this, I am not buying this anymore) and coffee

L-2% Greek yogurt with raspberries, protein powder.

S-Hot tea

D-Lil smokie egg casserole


Have a good day!