Vsg yesterday and I feel so bad

on 3/20/19 8:30 pm, edited 3/23/19 8:36 am

Vsg yesterday. I'm so nauseous, tired, sore and overall feel poorly. Nothing to call 911 about, but when should I start feeling better? I'm on Gravol (antinausea here in Canada)and extra strength tylenol.

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 3/20/19 8:53 pm
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It took me the better part of a week to feel vaguely human again. Opiate pain meds don't do a darn thing for me, so I did the entire recovery on Tylenol and it was really rough. I absolutely understand where you're coming from!

Remember, you've just had major surgery! It's absolutely normal to be sore, queasy, and exhausted. Make sure you're getting lots of rest and letting your body heal.

That said, dehydration and gas can make you feel even more terrible. Make sure you're walking as much as you can (between naps), even if it's just down to your mailbox and back. Keep a water bottle with you and sip constantly; if you struggle with it, try differen****er temperatures and flavors, such as tea, crystal light, and lemon slices.

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on 3/25/19 6:30 pm

I'm out of surgery on 3.07.19 and I still feel like a wreck. Even went to the er on Friday.

I had a very large hiatal hernia that was repaired at the same time. This is hard

on 3/28/19 7:25 pm - Gulfport, MS
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I got severely dehydrated after surgery, a week after. I could not get liquids down well, and I truly tried. I felt like I was going to die. I had my daughter take me to the ER and they gave me an IV. I felt 100% better once I got some liquids down me. Recenlty (3 years out) I over did myself in exercise and got dehydrated (in 5.5 million gallons of water---swimming 2 miles) and felt like I did when I got dehydrated after the surgery. I've kept the majority of the lost weight off since my surgery 3 years ago. But, it's still a struggle sometimes. However, I've started taking a simple little pill...a probiotic, and am losing weight effortlessly. With the probiotic, it is stabilizing my gut flora and I don't even think about food. Wish I had found this before the surgery. My daughter, who was nearly 500 pounds, came across the probiotic solution for herself, by accident and has dropped 130 pounds in 11 months with only using the one little probiotic pearl a day. The "honeymoon" period after the surgery last different lengths for different people. For me it was nearly a year. Disseminating between head hunger and stomach hunger can be a challenge to learn. Having weight loss surgery is like divorcing a dearly loved spouse, then living in the same household with that person. It's a grieving process. You wish you could eat what you used to, and some day you will be able to, but you may not want to any more.

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on 4/1/19 9:46 am - Hamilton, On
  • May i ask...what kind of probiotic are you taking ?
Gwen M.
on 3/21/19 6:10 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I totally agree with Sparklekitty here. You've just had major surgery. It might take a few weeks. :) In the meantime, make sure you're getting in all of your fluids because dehydration is a culprit for a lot of discomfort. Walk as much as you can. It'll help with the gas pain and with the exhaustion and overall poor feelings.

Overall, be kind and patient with yourself! Recovery takes time. :)

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on 3/21/19 12:37 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

How bad you feel after surgery, and how quickly you recover, seems to vary a lot from person to person. After about 24 hours I was feeling fine, so I hope that by the time you read this, you're feeling a lot better. Walking will help. And if you've been given the OK to drink, then sip, sip, sip!

on 3/21/19 12:45 pm

Thanks everyone for your replies. I've been watching all those before and after videos of people walking around smiling and taking selfies right after surgery, and I guess that just wasn't me...I'll remember to sip sip sip and walk.

Amy R.
on 3/21/19 7:01 pm

You've got the best advice. I wish they wouldn't show those videos when they know darn well people will assume that those folks are the norm. YOU are more the norm, believe me.

Consider that with all of these laparoscopic surgeries people tend to think they'll feel no worse than they do when healing a cut. The docs perpetuate that for a number of reasons. But even though your incisions were laparoscopic, your insides look pretty much the same as they would had you had to convert your surgery to open. It's a mess in there, and it's inflamed. So feeling like crap is completely normal.

Walk and sip as everyone has said. Work extra hard not to get dehydrated. Remind yourself that every day you get through is a day closer to being recovered.

It's ok not to be ok. They used to call your first week out hell week around here - but never until a person was post op. Nobody looks forward to being miserable but it's just one more step in the loss of all of your excess weight. Keep reminding yourself how good that's going to feel.

You're doing fine and you're 100% normal.

on 3/21/19 7:04 pm

Thank you for your reassuring words!

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