Caffeine after surgery

on 4/25/19 10:12 am
RNY on 08/21/12

There are a loit of restrictions that make good scientific sense. Some make sense under certain conditions. Some gave been scientifically refuted, and are still passed around because that's what they are used to passing around.

No gum? Swallowing gum could be a huge problem. Chewing gum is harmless. If you think you might swallow it, don't chew it.

No straws? Some think using a straw makes you swallow air, leading to discomfort. I've never met someone that swallows air -- the body doesn't work that way. Many people get fluids in better with straws, and fluids are critical after surgery. If straws give you gas or discomfort, stop. If not, there's no issue.

No nicotine or smoking? Critical for healing. Absolutely no nicotine.

No alcohol. It disrupts healing and there is a great risk of transfer addiction. Just don't.

No sugar. It defeats the whole purpose of the surgery. This includes natural sugar as well as added sugar.

Dehydration is the number one reason for going back into the hospital after surgery. It used to be believed that caffeine dehydrates, which is why some doctors put it on their prohibited list. But science has shown caffeine does not dehydrate. But, their is another reason to avoid coffee and tea for a couple of months after surgery. Both are acidic. And you dont want to put your healing innards through the extra acidity until you are healed.

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VSG on 06/17/19

I was told no caffeine because it can irritate your stomach potentially causing an ulcer.

melody S.
on 4/25/19 1:27 pm - Morgantown, WV

Some coffee brands sell a 'half-caff' version, so you can cut down gradually. That way, it won't be such a strain to eventually go caffeine free before surgery. I'm 4 months out from surgery now, and although I mostly drink decaf, I do allow myself regular black coffee once in a while. Also, keep in mind that dark roasts have less caffeine than light roasts. So going for a darker roast gives you good flavour without as much caffeine.

Good luck!

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VSG on 05/14/19 with

Thank you all for the great feedback. It's great to get suggestions from real people. This is a wonderful support group!

Liz J.
on 5/1/19 7:51 am - Saint Louis, MO
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I was drinking a cold brew protein shake combo the day after, while still in the hospital. The only restrictions I had were:

No soda or carbonation of any-kind for a year

No alcohol of any-kind for a year

No gum for a year

No straw for 6 months

That was pretty much it.

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Valerie G.
on 5/15/19 12:41 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

Caffeine slows healing and may promote dehydration.

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