Consult went well!

on 4/25/19 5:50 pm

Well after a long day at work and rushing to meet my surgeon at 3pm today, I got a surgery date for May 14th. I would have it sooner but I have a field trip with my little girl on the 10th. So relieved to have that first meeting over with. I was so nervous I thought I would have a stroke and the surgeon would deny me straight up for being too wierd! Lolol. He's been doing this for 20 years and never had a vsg leak which was encouraging. Now if I can just wait 18 more days.....ready to change my life.

Kathy S.
on 4/26/19 11:48 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

We are so glad you decided to join us here at OH.

Let me know if you need anything We look forward to supporting you all the way.


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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 4/26/19 10:57 am
RNY on 08/05/19

I don't think the OP has a band? From her post yesterday, it looks like she doesn't have a band to remove :)

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Kathy S.
on 4/26/19 11:49 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Thanks Julie!

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on 4/26/19 5:28 pm

No ma'am. I don't have a lap band...I'm completely new to wls.?

Kathy S.
on 4/27/19 8:30 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hi Nurse8724,

I was trying to do too many things at once and gave you the wrong link. Sorry Here are some articles to help with getting ready for surgery. So excited for you. My surgery saved my life!

The Truth About Life After WLS & Pre-Op Food Funerals

Your Metabolism & How It Works With WLS Pre-Op & Long-Term

A WLS Pre-Op: Break-Up and Goodbye Letter To My Stomach

6 Benefits to the Pre-Op Liquid Diet

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Kristi T.
on 4/28/19 9:54 am - MT
VSG on 02/09/16

Congratulations! Keep coming back to OH and let us know how you are doing!

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