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on 4/30/19 9:17 am - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

Hi All:

Im post op 6 weeks and am having issues with what to eat. Meat sometime does work well. I could have chop meat of some sort one night and the next, I feel sick. I am sticking with the mushy food (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.) and I feel okay. Eggs work for me and I have no issue there. Wondering what you all do/did to get you thru to new foods. Im craving stuff (mentally) that I know I cant have yet ( like I am dying for 1 bite of a BLT.. OR would love to have carrots and hummus.).

Advise please.

on 4/30/19 11:23 am
VSG on 03/01/17

Just give it a little more time. I was still eating mushy until around 9 weeks. Egg salad, raw fish, tuna salad, avocado, scrambled eggs - just stick with mushy and well chewed. Think of it as time well spent practicing not giving in to mental cravings, which is a life-long struggle that requires life-long practice after surgery. I think "theworldaccordingtoeggface" blog has lots of mushy recipes.

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on 4/30/19 12:36 pm - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

Raw fish...can you eat sushi...I would just get fish/avocado?

on 5/1/19 5:44 am
VSG on 03/01/17

Once you are cleared to eat solid food, fish/avocado is great. I ate a lot of poke once I was able to tolerate solid foods.

Height: 5'5" SW: 222 lbs CW: 122 lbs

on 5/7/19 5:11 pm

i do understand. i tried new foods, some i could tolerate and others made me sick. you say you want a BLT, have you tried cooking turkey bacon and putting it and some chopped tomatoes in a lettuce leaf and eating that? i put a slice of turkey bacon in a muffin tin with an egg on top and a tsp of fat free cheese and bake it. i also like fat free refried beans that are watered down and i put some salsa or fat free cheese in it and put in the microwave until warm. i also like baked fish that has some fresh lemon on it.

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