Feeling Better!

on 5/19/19 6:57 pm

Okay I'm happy to report that I went from feeling like I was dying the day of surgery to being five days post op and feeling great! Day of surgery I was 260. I'm down to 246.8. I'm 5'8 btw. So thats nearly a 15 pound loss in 5 DAYS! I just can't believe it. Any who the clear liquid diet is tough. Seems like it takes forever to get it all in and the bone broth I so ambitiously bought makes me want to gag now. I've been straining the broth out of canned soup and it tastes so good when you are on a liquid diet. I'm gonna try a chewable multi vitamin tomorrow. I'm already so ready for real food but I got another week of clear liquids. Ugh!

on 5/20/19 3:35 am
VSG on 06/11/18

So glad to hear you're feeling better!

on 5/25/19 3:18 am

I hope you continue to feel better. Good luck!!