calling tomorrow to get the ball rolling

on 8/18/19 7:20 pm - Rocky Hill, CT

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. so glad I found this. I recently started looking into VSG after seeing a few people I know from high school having had the surgery and it being very successful. I will be calling the hospital near me tomorrow to get info on what I need to do to start. My BMI is 37 and I also have High blood pressure as well as Fatty Liver. I am just feeling a little down, my mother who had been thin her whole life doesn't understand my choice to have this procedure done and a few of my friends say "how are you going to have weight loss surgery? your not fat" and it really just doesn't help me. I have been overweight my whole life. Right now i'm at my highest weight of 235 and im only 5'5/5'6ish.

I would love to make friends on here that understand where I'm coming from and can help me on this journey.

on 8/20/19 6:11 am
VSG on 02/13/19

Good luck! Whatever surgery you choose be prepared for a lifetime of discipline and healthy eating. Many people think surgery is the easy way out..when it's anything but. You will be hearing the term "tool" used a lot in the future. Everything they say about that tool is true. Hope everything works out.




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on 8/21/19 5:21 am, edited 8/20/19 10:22 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Welcome to the forum! It can be very discouraging when friends and family don't understand why you want to have surgery. They see shows like "The Biggest Loser" where people lose a lot of weight, and wonder why you can't just diet and exercise your way out of this. What they don't see is that almost all of those people regain the weight. Or they've heard some horror story on the news about someone who died after the surgery, and they don't know that the surgery is extremely safe as long as you have an experienced surgeon. It should get easier once people see how successful you are, and how much better you feel after losing a bit of weight. I was surprised at how much of a difference just the first 10 pounds made to how I felt.

Hearing from others who've had the surgery, on forums like this one, can help a lot to counteract the bad vibes you're getting from others. Remember that your friends and family haven't spend the months or years that you've spent thinking about your weight and exploring your options. You are better informed than they are.

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