Addicted to Diet Coke

on 8/25/19 9:36 am

i know it's silly but I'm ADDICTED to Diet Coke. I know I have to quit drinking it before surgery. What are some ways you guys kicked the carbonation??

on 8/25/19 11:12 am, edited 8/25/19 4:13 am
VSG on 06/11/18

After surgery, it's unlikely you'll even feel tempted for several months, because even one swallow of a carbonated beverage will make your stomach feel very bloated.

Different doctors and dietitians have different views on carbonation. There used to be a fear that the carbonation would actually stretch your stomach, but I believe this is now recognised to be impossible once your stomach has healed. The carbonation simply isn't at a high enough pressure. Others are concerned that the artificial sweeteners actually cause you to crave more food, because the body is expecting sugar (from the sweet taste) and doesn't get it. There have been some studies suggesting this, but there really isn't enough evidence for a scientific consensus. As a more practical concern, it's difficult to drink carbonated beverages as quickly as you can drink non-carbonated beverages. After surgery you will have to work hard to get enough fluids in, so it's best to limit carbonated beverages.

I still enjoy the occasional diet coke. After analysing the situation, I realised that what I really liked was that first ice-cold swallow. Everything after that was anti-climactic. So I often have a diet coke in the coldest part of my fridge, and I take a sip of it now and then, and put it right back. After I've drunk about a third of it this way, a lot of the carbonation is gone, so I poli**** off. There are also a lot of fruit-flavoured, lightly carbonated beverages available now. I enjoy those in moderation.

In short, it probably won't be nearly as difficult as you think. Unless your medical team requires it, I personally wouldn't bother trying to give up the diet coke before surgery. The pre-op diet is difficult enough!

on 8/25/19 12:23 pm

It's funny you said that once it's flat you poli**** off. I have already considered that. Lol my addiction is strong. It's just my first sip of anything in the mornings, as I'm not a coffee drinker. My surgeon has carbonation on the banned list, I'd never considered to other reasoning.

Thank you for the advice!

on 8/25/19 11:51 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I used to be a real Diet Cokaholic - but oddly, I can't drink it at all anymore. I guess it's because I had almost four years away from it. Carbonation still bothers my stomach a bit (I didn't attempt to have any until I was about 3 years out - and still rarely drink anything carbonated since it bothers my stomach), but in addition, Diet Coke just tastes like chemicals to me now. Ewwww.

on 8/25/19 12:20 pm
VSG on 02/13/19

I feel ya. I was addicted as well...I probably averaged about 4 cans of coke zero a day. On really bad days I probably drank a whole 12 soda was my beer. But I stopped drinking it because I had to for the surgery and it's been over 6 months post op now where I've had like 2 sips once didn't like how it made my sleeve feel. So I stopped... ironically my brother who had the same surgery started drinking it again 2 weeks after surgery. For me diet soda and junk food/fast food go hand in hand. I haven't had any fast food like I used to either...I find that it makes staying away from the diet soda that much easier.



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Erin T.
on 8/25/19 3:38 pm
VSG on 01/17/17

I just took a pause and went back to drinking it. I had carbonation the first time around 8 weeks. At 2.5 years out I drink Diet Coke nearly daily (although only (1) 12oz can or 16oz bottle per day most days). I prefer fountain drinks since the carbonation is easier. Second to that a can works best and I normally have to sip bottled drinks.

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White Dove
on 8/26/19 8:12 am

I had six 20 ounce bottles a day. Sometimes more. I remember mornings when I had two 20 ounce bottles for breakfast. I do not drink coffee or tea.

I gave up the diet coke about six months before surgery. I did not want caffeine withdrawal right after surgery. I stayed off it for three years, then had a bottle one day.

I was back up to six bottles a day after about a week. It is an addiction.

I did that for years, then quit cold turkey. Now I can have a bottle a few times a week and usually dont fini**** I throw it away when it goes flat. Carbonation does not bother me at all. The funny thing is that now I only want Coke Zero and it is probably the exact same thing as Diet Coke, but the Coke Zero looks darker and richer tasting to me.

One lesson that I will stress is that there is absolutely nothing that you can never eat or drink again. It is just a matter of making choices and doing what works best for you. I prefer the way I feel when I do not use caffeine and have natural energy. I am more likely to drink the Coke Zero when I did not get enough rest and trying to overdo things.

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on 8/29/19 10:51 am
RNY on 06/17/19

I was the same as you. I have quit so many times, then I would think I had control and think I could have one every now and then, only to find myself right back where I started.

I quite before surgery and replaced it with water with a shot of diet cranberry juice for flavor. It has been 2 months since surgery and I have only had a few cravings so far.

White Dove
on 8/29/19 3:29 pm

This is the only thing that works for me. I buy one bottle at a time from a store. Not a vending machine. I limit myself to two or three a week. I never buy more than one bottle at a time and try to make it last for tow days.

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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 8/26/19 8:18 am
RNY on 08/05/19

Find something to replace it with. Crystal Light, sugar-free Gatorade, or something else flat and calorie-free. Just keep that on hand and it makes the transition much easier!

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