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on 9/14/19 1:11 am

I had Roux-en-y several years ago. My MIL had gastric sleeve about 3-1/2 months ago. She said the dietician at her surgeon's office said she should be eating 3 meals a day at this point. I can't believe that the diet after sleeve is so much different than roux-en-y. I would think she should eat 6 small meals per day with emphasis on protein. I'm curious about how others are being advised after sleeve.

on 9/14/19 4:23 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

While I was given some suggested meal plans, I wasn't told to stick to a certain number of meals. Personally, I find that 5-6 meals per day (3 meals under 200 kcals each, and 2-3 snacks ~ 60 kcals each) works best for me, and my dietitian is is happy with that. One reason I prefer more meals is that each individual meal is smaller, and I don't want to get used to consuming more calories at a sitting. Another reason is that it breaks up my day nicely; I look forward to my snacks.

I suppose some people might prefer and even benefit from a rigid 3 meal-a-day schedule; no snacking allowed. But I think that's an individual thing; it would depend on what the person's triggers for eating were.

on 9/14/19 4:34 pm

Thanks for your reply! Hubby & I have been telling her even 3 small meals and a couple protein smoothies or something because she keeps saying the dietitian said 3 meals a day only but she can't get enough protein that way. I've told her about several of these forums for advice and support also but she hasn't looked into them.

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on 9/18/19 5:01 am, edited 9/17/19 10:01 pm

Some doctors have different advise re meals - foods after WLS. Some are more strict that others. My center was very adamant about making sure I provided enough proteins for my body, even if I had to sip protein drinks during the day. (After first 60 days)

Some people who had surgery are going to be listening to their docs and centers. Or even eat and do what THEY feel is correct way. If I were you - I would stop stressing about your MIL. IMO, you are going just waste your energy. You need to focus on you and you only. You can provide her with information - but treat it as a gift to her. Gift without strings attached. So if she chose to ignore it - you would be ok with that. Trust me - I've been there. I saw my dear friend making mistakes after mistakes, getting seriously deficient in critical vitamins and minerals, yet she chose to ignore my advices. Because I was not a doc. I had to let it go. Person is going to do what they want. When I started treating the information I gave her as a gift, it helped out relationship for time being.

Take care of you, and just you. If anything else ,- let your life and your weight loss journey be an example to others.

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on 9/14/19 5:53 pm
VSG on 03/21/19

I have a hard time as well trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing? I was sleeved about six months ago and have followed the diet I was given from surgeon. Three meals and two snacks plus 4-6 bottles of water daily.

Last week I met with the dietician from my surgeons office and was told I'm not to go more than four hours between meals or snacks. Also was told I'm eating too much protein and not eating enough fruits and vegetables or grains! Apparently we're not supposed to diet anymore now that we've had surgery.

If I were to eat the way the dietician advised, I wouldn't lose any more weight. I'm just going to do my own thing with emphasis on protein to get to my goal.

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on 9/14/19 6:48 pm

I stuck with mostly protein and a few green vegetables for the first three years. I slowly added some fruit after that. I ate five or six small meals a day and still do. I would never try to limit to three meals a day. I stick to 200 calories for most meals and 300 for a larger meal.

I don't understand dietitians who tell weight loss surgery patients to eat meals that will stop the weight loss and put pounds back on. My surgeon's office has a great dietitian and I always follow her advice.

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on 9/15/19 2:08 pm
VSG on 05/14/19 with

I was told that hydration is key after surgery. It takes time to build yourself up to consuming a certain number of calories or grams of protein. I track what I consume and some days I do great. Other days I would prefer not to track. But I also need to remember that when I burn more calories my intake level might be elevated.

It seems there is not a standard that must be followed after surgery. As patients provide more feedback, emphasis on what and how much we should eat is given. I don't like saying to be your own doctor but we can all do a little trial and error to see what works best for us. If something works, stick with it. If not try to change it up.

I try for 3 meals per day but I keep snacks in mind just in case. Low-fat string cheese is my go-to snack. I learn as I go, take advise that makes sense, then share what helps.

on 9/16/19 10:38 am

Every program is different. Mine is 3 meals and no snacking allowed, though they will cave on one snack per day if you exercise. They are adamant that 6 meals leads to problems. I find I'm better controlled at 3 plus a couple of snacks. One of the reasons I no longer see my program's NUT. But again, early on I'd follow the program you are in and discuss issues with them, if not working for you/spouse.

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