post op 6 mths need advice

on 10/9/19 11:06 am - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

Hi All:

Im post op a bit over 6mths and have lost over 85lbs. Issue I am having is that the past 3 weeks I have lost and gained the same 2 pounds continuously. I am hitting a Plato and not sure what to do. Its so frustrating.

White Dove
on 10/9/19 12:14 pm

It means your body is at the point where you are eating enough calories to maintain your current weight. To lose more you need to eat less and move more.

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Laura in Texas
on 10/9/19 12:27 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with

How much more do you need to lose? Use the OH Post-Op planner to see what your loss should be at this point. Make sure you are still following your plan. The further out we get, the easier it is to eat more. Be careful!!

Laura in Texas

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on 10/9/19 2:44 pm - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

it says I need another 58 lbs but at this point the surgery has done all it can. Now its me. That's what I figured.

on 10/18/19 12:45 pm - KY

Reevaluate and identify any processed carbs/sugar you may be ingesting. Up your protein and good fats. Be mindful not to eat anything between meals. Remember, sliders are a killer too. Push water and change up exercise routine.

Kristin B.
on 10/9/19 1:24 pm - West Des Moines, IA
VSG on 05/17/08 with

I have hit that same plateau many times over the years- I found changing up my diet and exercise routines gets my body ready to lose more weight

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on 10/11/19 7:25 am

It's all you! 100% what you are eating. The surgery just disrupts old habits and helps you eat less at one time. But it's all you from day 1. Good luck.

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Kathy S.
on 10/12/19 5:25 pm - Lexington, KY
VSG on 02/15/19
I'm 8 months out and have lost 70 pounds. My weight loss had really slowed down until I recently started drinking 2 protein shakes a day again. Increasing my protein (and eating only 1 meal a day) has started my weight loss again. That might not be an option for you, but it's working for me. I want to lose another 50 pounds. Good luck!

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on 10/12/19 8:40 pm
VSG on 03/21/19

My weight loss has slowed down significantly too. I'm glad your plan is working for you and I think I might just join you. I really want to hit my goal before the one year mark. Good luck to you!

on 10/13/19 12:08 am, edited 10/14/19 12:56 am

I think answers like "It's all you! 100% what you are eating." might not be the whole story. Partly because you did not state what you are eating, so no one can say that you're overeating, and partly because it doesn't take into account that plateaus are real and happen to most of us at least at some point of our weight loss journey. I am 7 months post op, down 71 lbs since surgery and down 108 if I count pre-op diets. Yet I am just now finally coming out of a one month stall, and I lost a pound yesterday and a pound today. It certainly gets worrisome that we might be done at 6 months, but I am sure if we keep up the good fight with high protein, food journalling and exercise we will still be able to prevail. As they say, for many weight loss graphs can look more like stairs than waterfalls (same weight, same weight, lose ... rather than lose, lose, lose)