Getting closer

on 10/18/19 12:36 pm - KY

Since I have been back to working my sleeve and continuing my journey to improving my health I have been experiencing daily wins. I'm down another 10lbs and just 15lbs away from my 1st major mile stone. Once there and depending on how I feel at that time I will decide if its matinence time or go for another 10. Anyway, soooo close!! Can't stop! Won't stop! ?

on 10/21/19 6:59 am

Congrats! Work it!

on 10/22/19 5:26 pm, edited 10/22/19 10:27 am

That's wonderful. Congrats

 Surgery date 9-23-15, SW: 212 CW: 125

Doctors goal reached in 6 months. Personal goal reached in 11 months