Hypertension in remission!!

on 10/19/19 11:02 am - KY

Well I have a big health win to report. I had been struggling with elevated blood pressure for a while. I have always been hesitant about starting medication. With the weight gain and not being mindful of what I already knew what I was ingesting were key factors. Lifestyle modifications needed to happen. Anyway for those that have been following my updates you I've got back on track and made some changes. I can say for a month now my systolic numbers went from 140's to low 100's and my diastolic numbers 90's to low 60's. This morning my BP is 106/62. I am so pumped. Can't wait for my yearly exam next month to see my lab results for lipid panel and A1C.

on 10/19/19 6:01 pm
VSG on 07/09/19

Congrats! I'm jealous as hell. I'm trying to get off BP med as well. I cut the dosage in half (from 10mg to 5mg) and I'm still at 120/78. Which, is good but because of the medicine. Congrats again!

H.A.L.A B.
on 10/21/19 4:56 am

How much calcium and magnesium you get daily? Im not sure if you supplement. Often the high BP may be helped by making sure we get enough my minerals.

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