sugar alternatives

on 11/11/19 10:45 am

Good morning!

I have my consult on Wednesday this week! So excited!!! I'm seeing a lot of post surgery foods that are sugar free, and I'm wondering if any of you found any alternatives for them. I am unable to use aspartame, splenda, sweet and low and the other chemical sweeteners as they give me migraines.

I currently use Stevia or small amounts of honey if I need a sweetener. I also use Swerve for baking.

Thank you all so much!!

I appreciate the time you all take to respond to my posts!


H.A.L.A B.
on 11/11/19 10:51 am

There are a lot of shakes sweetened with Stevia.

About time proteins are one of them, there is some MRM natural proteins with just stevia. there is some with monk fruits extract.

Or unflavored. then you can adjust as you want.

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White Dove
on 11/11/19 12:54 pm

For baking and general sweetening you might be happy with Whey Low

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on 11/12/19 12:03 am
VSG on 06/11/18

There is also inulin (not insulin!), which is extracted from chicory root or other plants. It has a natural sweetness and can be used in baking to substitute for sugar and/or fat. I've never used it directly; I've only used products that contained it. However you can buy inulin in bulk. Apparently if you are allergic to ragweed, you're likely to be allergic to inulin, so try a small amount first and see how it agrees with you.

Xylitol and Erithrytol are sugar alcohols, you might see how well you tolerate them.

on 11/12/19 6:55 am
RNY on 03/05/20

I use Swerve and Sweet Leaf Stevia as sugar alternatives. Swerve is erythritol. Both are supposed to be really low on the glycemic index. I have baked with both, but prefer the Swerve as it is 1:1 with regular sugar.

on 11/12/19 11:28 pm
VSG on 10/28/19

the month before my surgery me and the mrs ended up buying some Monk fruit. And it sweetens really well as a sugar substitute. i hanvt tried putting it in anything yet as im only just starting my 3rd week post op and still limiting my self. But i remember they made great cookies or lemonade prior though i didn't indulge hardly at all due to diet restrictions. so my experience is limited but that's what i have tried =P GL finding what works for you ^_^

on 11/13/19 8:33 am

Thank you all so much! I appreciate your insight and experience with this new journey!!!

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