PreOp Appointment Tomorrow, Surgery a Date set!

on 11/14/19 10:21 am

So I finally have a surgery date. I've been researching this surgery for about 5 years but was to broke/convinced myself that I just needed to try a different diet. I'm excited but now that it's been set I'm feeling pretty nervous. I'm afraid I'm going to fail at it.

on 11/14/19 12:08 pm, edited 11/14/19 4:09 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Congratulations! Very exciting!

I was very afraid I was going to fail too. There was a voice in my head saying "you're going to fail at this just like you failed at all those other diets". But I discovered that this isn't "just another diet". The surgery made it so that my body co-operates with me in my attempts to lose weight, instead of fighting me over every pound. I still have to do my part by following a good diet, but that isn't so difficult when you see mostly regular progress. I surpassed my surgeon's expectations and am still losing weight at 1 1/2 years post-op.

on 11/15/19 7:32 am

Congratulations on your progress! That is awesome! You make a great point. It is different from just dieting and I'm sure seeing such good progress is a big motivator to keep on keeping on!

on 11/18/19 12:43 pm - NJ
VSG on 10/07/19

Congratulations! I am happy you have made it this far. It definitely requires mental and physical preparedness. I dont think the surgery is a pass/fail thing. As long as you go in knowing what is required and being willing to do it, that will take you a long way. Be kind to yourself, consider speaking to a therapist if you can afford it, and don't be afraid to reach out. This website is a great resource. People here will support you and give you real tips, and also hold you accountable. You're in good company here.

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