Need advice! I'm 3 weeks post-op and haven't lost a pound since week 1 post-op.

on 11/15/19 2:40 pm

Despite consuming liquids in post-op weeks 1 and 2 (about 100-200 calories per day) and consuming pureed foods in week 3 (~300 calories per day) per the plan, I haven't lost a single pound since week 1 post-op. I've exercised and drank as much water as humanly possible. What am I doing wrong? Should I be losing?

on 11/15/19 3:08 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

you're having your three-week stall a week early. Mine was weeks 2 & 3. It broke during week 4 and I dropped like 6-8 lbs practically overnight. Just stick to your surgeon's plan and the stall will eventually break. It usually lasts a week or two - although one of the members on here had hers last for three weeks. Yikes!

but don't worry - this happens to almost everyone. It'll break - just stay the course.

on 11/15/19 3:10 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Ah yes, the famous "week three stall". It's perfectly normal and happens to most WLS patients; you're not doing anything wrong. You will start losing weight again soon.

on 11/16/19 3:12 am

Thank you for your answers. It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in this!

on 11/21/19 12:43 pm
VSG on 01/16/20

That stinks but so many changes happening. I haven't had my surgery but it seems like I am losing 5-6 lbs in a day and then stall for a week then lose. It's just a pattern. Good luck!

on 12/12/19 11:04 am - Antioch, TN

Hey guys, I just had the VSG on the 19th of November and I am so glad I saw this post. This whole week I have not lost a pound and I was wondering what was wrong with me?? So glad to see that this is just something most of us go through.

A little about me, I had the lap-band for 12 years and was very successful until February when it developed a leak that could not be fixed and it had to be removed so I spend the next 9 months gaining weight (not on purpose) and fighting to get the VSG.

This is so different than the band and I am just getting used to how this works. With the band if I ate something wrong or too fast I would spend the next 5 minutes in the bathroom throwing it up and could not eat another bite for hours. I would not go out the eat with people because I could not talk and eat at the same time for fear of getting up 4-5 times during a meal and going to the restroom but I would not have given up my bank for anything in the world because it kept me grounded in my weight but I know now it was not good for my health.

So here I am now starting all over with a new friend that will help me with portion control.

Thank you for listening.


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