Well it is getting real!

on 11/18/19 3:14 pm
VSG on 12/05/19

EGD Thursday, Surgery scheduled for December 5th. So far preop Full liquid diet not horrible. Hope that remains the case for 2 more weeks.
Not sure if I could possibly be more prepared. Just need to make one more Amazon order for vitamins.

on 11/19/19 1:35 am
VSG on 10/28/19

Congrats man! Keep the progress going and stay positive! It makes things go so much easier. Be glad you are having a good time with the liquids! My liquid pre op phase started rough but i eventually got into it alot easier. Witch helped a ton! Cheering you on mate!! Here's to your Healthier and happy future!!!


on 11/19/19 1:37 am
VSG on 10/28/19

Sorry for saying man in my previous posts. Read the post didn't pay attention to the picture. I did not mean to offend anyone if they or you are annoyed with the pronouns used. Just super excited for you. and doesn't change me cheering you on!

on 11/19/19 11:08 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Congratulations! The next year or so will be very exciting for you indeed.

on 11/21/19 12:41 pm
VSG on 01/16/20

Wow! So exciting! I will be following Jan 8th! I am so excited and getting ready! I have been eating really little trying to get ready for my liquid diet phase! So far I have lost 23lbs since starting. Just ready to keep it rolling and be on the other side of the surgery! Good luck!

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