Think i hit my first Stall.. day 24 post op

on 11/21/19 6:51 pm
VSG on 10/28/19

Well Monday was the Day 1 of my 4th week. First time since my surgery i woke up and weighed the exact same as i did the day before * i know weighing daily isn't recommended* 353.8 2 days in a row yesterday i went up .8 lbs and today i was back to 353.8. ad to see them the same multiple days but it is what it is i haven't gained so i'm happy with that and after reading a lot on here this stall seems to be normal.

I am still having problems getting my shakes down. I have tried different things to alter the flavor some. Fruit, yogurt, milk, hell i have even tried putting a little sugar free koolaid mix into my strawberry shake to just get past the flavor. but even doing 3 oz or so I still can not get it all down. I will figure it out. Just frustrating.

I am taking my multi vitamin consistently, and i think that's helping me not feel like i'm dying haha. But i do miss a vitamin here or there. thank fully i just have to take 1 multi chew-able 4x a day to get full effect instead of a massive list of 5-7 vitamins thru out the day

I have found that i can make a can of tomato soup with 1% milk and about 70 grams worth of protein from my powder and can have that for about 5-6 meals. sprinkle in a little shredded cheese and as long as the cheese melts it sits well. if it doesn't melt fully i end up spitting the cheese out as im eating my soup cuz it upsets the insides after about 3 drinks.

I am trying to cool it on adding new things. My NUT said that small bits of pickles should be ok as long as its peeled. Tried that and the juice is fine the pickle didn't sit well. BUT I realized i haven't mentioned in previous posts. I don't have molars in the back of my mouth so chewing chewing chewing isn't as fully effective for me. i do it chewed that half a pickle slice for about 5 min but still wasn't "liquidy"

Other things i have tried from my surgeons paperwork is Watermelon smashed with greek yogurt Zero and i added protein powder. That wasn't very successful. Might have been a bit better if i drank/drained the juice first but the yogurt got all watery and the consistentsy was hard to get down as well kinda similar to the shakes

Almost all the propel drinks I was getting by with after surgery are not tasting so well anymore possibly due to over consumption. I am not sure. Water still makes me nauseous but im still getting it down. Thankfully. Though I think i fell short the last couple days as my urine this morning was darker then it has been for a few weeks so i gotta buckle down.

Um what else. The Pain in my guts has died down alot. Still there but nothing like it was last time i posted. So that is good. Doctors office just said to keep an eye on it if it starts bruising different or gets unbearable i was to go to the ER but that was it. So that's a plus. Sadly though the last 2 days i have had some hellacious pain in my right Heal. Not sure exactly how to explain it but It kinda feels like the tendon that goes right behind the ankle looking at pictures on line it seems to be a little lower then the akelies tendon but close to that area Hurts like a son of a ... whenever i put pressure on the foot or if i try to move my foot to where my toes are pointing up if im lying down got an Apt with my PCP on Monday so i hope she can see something and at my surgeons office on wens day. Either way i hope one of them could maybe explain. Maybe its a vitamin deficiency due to me not eating as well. Maybe Dehydration? would think that would affect more then just that one spot. But i dunno. But due to that i have only gone on 1 small walk the last 3 days witch isnt helping anything. I have been pacing around the house alot though to try and stretch the ankle. Not sure if it is helping or making it worse. I dunno.

I have been trying to think of other things that i can do to get more nutrients in. I can have about 2 raspberries when i want something sweet to snack on. I try to filter the seeds with my teeth best i can. But doesn't work well haha. Usually de-seed a strawberry or 2 the best i can with a butter knife. Not sure if it matters or helps but mentally it feels better not having the rough seeds right now. I dunno

Mentally trying to prepare my self for Thanksgiving this year. Being only 1 month post op I was told i can have LITTLE bit of mushy stuff. But Just trying to brace my self for my first real MAJOR test of self control/willpower.

This was just originally supposed to be a small post with little update on what was going on... BUT i have a bad habit of rambling So i guess I hope you all wanted a story. I know alot of it is scatter brained and probably not very consistent, all over the place. But yea.

TLDR Stomach pain lessened YaY. Ankle pain really high. Shakes still not going down well. Searching for ways to get food. Water intake veries. And thank you to everyone here that i have spoke to and all the stories/ posts i have read it has really helped me out!


PS ~ How do you guys get those cool little goal signatures?

White Dove
on 11/21/19 8:04 pm

There is a company called BSN that created a protein powder that actually tastes good. It is called Syntha-6. When you open up a container of protein powder and smell it, most of it smells like sour milk. Syntha-6 smells like a box of cake mix. It is the smell of most protein powder that makes it so difficult to drink it.

Once I found BSN Synta-6, I liked my protein shakes and never bought any other brand. It comes in a lot of flavors. Look for the ones labeled Cold Stone Creamery in a red container.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 11/24/19 4:17 pm
VSG on 10/28/19

Thanks ima have to check into that and see how it is. When i first got a lot cheaper then recommended protein shake. I got IdealShape its a brand my mother used when she did her sleeve and i noticed that the nutrition wasn't as good as the ones that were recommended. My NUT suggested me to have this


Stuffs not bad its what i add to my soup. But I will look into that kind sounds like it might be tolerable.

Been soo tempted tonight to make some campbles chicken noodle soup and blending the noodles to mush but i kn ow its not the most nutritious meal possible. So willpower working out there ^_^

on 11/22/19 4:51 am
VSG on 10/28/19

Uh... What?

White Dove
on 11/22/19 7:31 am

It is just a spammer. You can click and report.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 11/22/19 10:06 pm
VSG on 10/28/19

yea thats what i figured and i already reported it right away ^_^

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VSG on 10/28/19

Oo i figured out my ticker thingy nice!

on 11/23/19 8:19 am
VSG on 06/11/18

I'm so glad you're doing better! And don't worry about rambling; a casual side remark you make might elicit a great tip from someone, or help someone. Plus, it feels good to share your experiences with other people who know what WLS is like.

I hope they can sort out your ankle pain quickly for you. In the meantime, you might try alternating between applying ice to your ankle and applying heat.

As an alternative to the protein shakes, you can try adding protein powder to hot drinks and soup. Sometimes a full serving of protein powder changes the taste too much, so try a half serving.

on 11/24/19 7:02 am
VSG on 10/28/19

Thanks! Been trying to add protein to different things. Messed up this afternoon though haha! Made some "high" protein barbaric cream of broccoli soup mix stuff that my surgeons office sells. heated the water made the soup as i was supposed to. Added half a serving of protein for an extra 15 grams and .... it clumped up so much that i ended up un able to eat the soup >< so that was a bummer. Picked up some Re-fried beans saw a post somewhere else that blended beans with extra protein was great on this phase. Hope so!

Ankle update. Sadly i dont know WTF is going on and some concerns are creeping up that are not looking good. Could be Akelies tendonitis spelling could be bad haha* Could also be plantar fasciitis. or Bursitis. Of coarse this is all self diagnosis. so could be 100% wrong and who knows. almost cant put any weight on my foot when i wake up. Has killed any of my walking/exercising this entire week witch has really been a downer! I have been trying to stretch it or get up and walk around gingerly of course and some days it seems better and then it just goes down hill completely i dunno. Tonight the mrs needed to go to Walmart to get some stuff so we ended up going together i debated getting one of the little motorized carts but my pride pushed me to be to embarrassed to use one. i can hear the thoughts now oo look at the fat guy sitting in the wheel chair no wonder hes so fat blah blah blah ... i know mental commentary is not always your friend >