Im Back & Struggling with Weight Regain

on 12/11/19 2:10 pm
VSG on 04/23/12

Any tips... Ill be 8 years out in April of 2020. I did so many things right for so long and life has got in the way. Any tips that could possibly help. Since surgery on my knee in 2015 I have gained 65 lbs. I dont need the negativity please...

What are some things that have or are helping you!? If you are this far out what are you eating and how much at one sitting? 1 cup?

Thanks in advance:)


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on 12/11/19 8:29 pm
VSG on 10/28/19

Not far enough out to really give the advice but just wanted to Give my condolences. And wish you good luck getting back on track. Knee surgery can put you down for quite some time between not being able to walk for a while and the stress included eating wrong can happen easily and not working it off at the time. i can see that happening really easy. Good luck on your journey back down! i wish you all the best. You can do it!! You did it once before.

Laura in Texas
on 12/12/19 7:45 am
RNY on 09/17/08 with

Track your food- every bite. Cut back on carbs. No excuses.

I am battling regain, too. The mental part is the hardest. I know what to do- just making myself do it is the hard part.

Good luck!!

Laura in Texas

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on 12/12/19 1:06 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

I'm only 1.5 years out, but I have a couple of tips that might help:

I try to focus on what I should eat rather than what I shouldn't. By the time I've met my goals for eating a certain amount of veggies, fruit, fibre, etc., I'm rarely hungry and seldom tempted to eat things I shouldn't. I'm so busy trying to get in all the healthy things I'm supposed to eat that I don't have much time to think about unhealthy food.

I use water (or other fluids) as an appetite suppressant and to help me distinguish between real hunger and excess stomach acid or boredom. If I'm hungry and it's not mealtime, I drink a glass of water. A little while later, if I'm still hungry, then I eat. That way I'm not denying myself food, I'm just postponing it.

I make one change at a time; I don't try to fix everything at once. I look at the things I eat most often and try to tweak them to make them healthier. Tracking everything you eat is key.

By tracking everything I eat, I have learned that the amount of food I want fluctuates from day to day. This has helped me be more relaxed about those days that I eat more, because I know that I'll probably make up for it the next day.

on 12/13/19 4:37 pm
VSG on 04/23/12

That's great, I will try n focus on the good. Thank you!


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White Dove
on 12/12/19 4:01 pm

I am heading for thirteen years out. Most of the effect of the surgery is long gone. I can pretty much eat like I could before surgery.

So I have gone back to Weigh****chers, now called WW.

Last year, I did WW from January until June and lost fifteen pounds. Weight gain is not an issue for me during the summer because I lose my appetite in the heat and get so much more exercise outside.

But as it gets colder weight starts to come back. I get through the holidays and then will go back to WW in January. I have kept off all but two pounds of that loss and plan to lose another ten to fifteen between January and June of 2020.

That will put me back to my goal weight or close to it.

Once I talked to my doctor about weight gain during the holidays and his opinion is that is nonsense. He said squirrels and raccoons gain weight during the winter months and they don't have Christmas. He believes it has to do with cold weather and lack of sunlight.

I really like the WW points plan because I can have anything I want as long as I track the points and many foods are zero points. Many days I am at zero points at supper and still had things like fish, turkey, eggs, chicken, yogurt, corn, peas, salad, tomatoes, three bean salad, strawberries, fruit ****tail, apples, and refried beans. Then I have my full 23 points for something like a steak with baked potato, salad with thousand island dressing and ice cream for dessert.

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Erin T.
on 12/14/19 3:57 am
VSG on 01/17/17

My husband who has always been a totally normal weight always puts on 8-15lbs over the winter and just naturally takes it off in the spring/summer/fall. It happens less in NC, which is a bonus!

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Welcome back! I'm back - for the same reason. My stumbling block was that I retired. And sat down. As long as I was working, I moved enough every day that I lost weight - slowly but steadily - never quite reaching my goal. But when I stopped just normal daily activity - the weight crept back on. I just damn refused to go to the gym! This past spring I tried to walk - doc said: Don't worry about the gym. JUST WALK! Within 2 weeks I was back at the doctor's office with a bone spur in my hip and tears in my eyes. I was on a walker. I was in pain. It took 2 months in physical therapy to get rid of the walker (and the limp!) and I was advised NOT to walk! It's the stationary bike for me. I set my own goals, go when it's convenient, and just try to do better than last time. Sometimes it's all I can do to just show up. The weight is coming off again - slowly. Everybody is different. For me it's not the food so much as the exercise. It improves my stamina and my mood when I go to the gym. I just turned 70 and I'm doing better than I have in years.

Just keep looking for what works for YOU. The only thing I did that I have never let up on is I no longer do bubbles. I was a Diet Coke-aholic. I put off the surgery for years because I didn't think I could give up bubbles. I gave up bubbles for 6 weeks prior to my surgery and never looked back. I'm not perfect. I drink more coffee (and tea) than I should. Maybe I'm being superstitious but I believe that's the reason my GERD is gone for good! I never thought I could live without the little purple pill, but it is also gone for good. I drank a wine cooler one day and thought I was going to DIE! (Dummy me didn't know they were carbonated!) ? And I drank a beer once. (Same!) ? When there is absolutely nothing else available I drink lemonade. Even if it has sugar, I just sip a little. But NO bubbles!

Okay. One day I was just dying for a Diet Coke. I gave in and chugged back a big, refreshing gulp! I'm glad I did it. I nearly gagged! That stuff tastes like a bunch of chemicals and I will never think about it again! ???

on 12/19/19 4:55 pm

No advice. I am in a very similar boat. 8 years out-- had lost all EWL. Heart condition developed last March and one of the drugs to manage it has rapid weight gain as a side effect. Between that and not exercising gained 60 pounds with no end in sight and I need to figure out a way to get a handle on this. I know what I need to do for sure- back to basics and get exercising again. If you check my blog posts somewhere in there I wrote up what the back to basics part means in detail. Now it is a matter of implementing it. Will be asking the cardiologist also if there might be a drug alternative without the rapid weight gain part for me as well.

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on 5/27/20 8:50 am
VSG on 04/23/12

Very late reply, I was looking for the post on back to basics but couldnt find it, can you link it for me. I need to start getting on here daily.


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