10 months out and having issues with food

on 1/11/20 7:25 am - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

Hi All:

so Im 10 mths post op and lost over 100 lbs. Have been having issues with food for the past couple of weeks. Green veggies, doesn't matter what one, does stay down (end up throwing them back up). Beef is still a huge issue but I limited (if any) this. Trying to figure out what to do about new food. Im getting a bit bored. Any suggestions?

on 1/13/20 2:30 pm
VSG on 02/13/19

That's interesting about the green vegetables. Are you chewing your food to apple sauce consistency and waiting 30 mins to drink after meals? If so I would make an appointment with your weight loss doctor. Not being able to hold down any food would be a cause for concern for me.



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on 1/14/20 12:36 pm

The only veggies I can eat are a few only rad veggies, some in a very limited qty (i.e. only 2-3 max the raw mini carrots). I tolerate cucumbers (seedless, skin off), avocado,a no more than 2 leaves of green lettuce, etc. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and such - I can't eat that raw, and my body doesn't also tolerate that steamed or even cooked.

Squash - I can only have some cooked. Raw vegges - more than a coupe of bites, I may be in pain or/and throw up to rid of the pain. Some high fiber cooked veggies, my body has problem digesting.

I eat meats, easy to digest veggies, and fats.

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