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on 1/18/20 9:24 am
VSG on 01/16/20

I feel guilty because I did AMAZING. I was up walking around so fast after surgery and while everyone else was screaming in beds I was dancing with the nurses. I even asked the doctor if she was sure she did the surgery! Now the only problem is I take liquids down and I get sharp pains and then I burp. Is this normal? Just trying to get all the liquids down.

on 1/18/20 10:46 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Welcome to the loser's bench! I had a pretty easy time of it too, at least after the first night. The morning after, I felt great, and was begging the nurses to let me shower. I don't know why that was so important to me; I'd had a shower the morning of surgery, and missing a day or two wasn't going to kill me. Anyway, it's great things went so smoothly for you!

I don't know why some people have an easy recovery and others don't, but I suspect it has something to do with your anatomy; the less the surgeon has to move organs around, the better. Also, if they need to repair a hiatal hernia or something, that seems to make recovery a bit more painful.

What you're describing is quite normal. Your stomach has been through a lot, so be patient. It sounds to me like you're swallowing too much air when you drink liquids. If you try to focus on just swallowing water, that should help. But in any case, you should find things become easier over the next few weeks. Just keep drinking fluids; that's your number one job now. I was feeling so good after surgery that I got a bit lax with my fluid intake. I was in the middle of the supermarket checkout when I needed to sit down now. It was a little embarassing sitting on the floor of SuperValu. (The staff were lovely, though.) I learned my lesson after that.

If you haven't been on the scale yet, be forewarned that you probably have temporarily gained weight from all the fluids they pump into you. It may take a week to 10 days to lose tha****er weight.

on 1/18/20 11:17 am
VSG on 01/16/20

Thank you for the reply!!! Yesssss! I am getting air! Then I burp. I actually didn't gain much! I was super surprised! Only trouble I had was peeing! But once I could it's been great! I will try to only take down the water. I have been trying to do the protein shakes instead of jus****er.

on 1/19/20 1:13 pm
VSG on 02/13/19

Everyone has different pain tolerances. I remember when I was in the hospital, there was a girl who was just chugging away her protein shake lounging in the waiting room that had a view with her leg up shootin the sht with a nurse like she didnt even have the same surgery I just did... meanwhile I'm struggling to walk holding on to my IV pole for dear life...and it took me 2 hours to get my first protein shake down.



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on 1/20/20 6:33 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

Try different temperatures. Some people have better luck with warm or hot liquids as opposed to cold or room temp. See what your sleeve can handle!

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