on 2/18/20 9:38 pm
VSG on 02/17/20

I just had my surgery on the 17th. They don't want to send me home till I can take more liquids in. I have been walking and don't feel like this helps with my gas discomfort in my chest. I'm having a hard time taking my liquids because it hurts. I gotta get better by tomorrow so they can send me home. Any advice?

on 2/19/20 1:51 am
Revision on 02/12/20

I had my surgery on 2/12/20 and they sent me home on 13th. I know it doesn't seem like the walking will help with the gas but it will,Just keep moving and you'll hear some rambling and before you know it you'll be farting and burping....You can also drink some ho****er with lemon or just plain ho****er and that should really help you.

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on 2/19/20 2:31 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Exactly what Everchanging said. Keep walking and drinking. It will get better every day.

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on 2/19/20 1:19 pm, edited 2/19/20 5:19 am
VSG on 06/11/18

If you're drinking cold liquids, you might have better luck with hot liquids (or vice versa). Experiment to see what works best for you.

If water seems too "bulky", try adding a touch of lemon juice (or something else acidic) as recommended above. I find it makes the water "wetter" and "lighter".

You may be able to take in more fluid if you sip small amounts more frequently, as opposed to taking "normal" (pre-surgery) mouthfuls.

Lots of people find the protein shakes very difficult early on. My dietitian told me not to worry about protein at first (you're not going to become malnourished in a few weeks!), so if the protein shakes are causing trouble, ask your medical team if you can postpone them. Avoiding dehydration is your number one concern right now; everything else can wait.

on 2/19/20 1:31 pm

Hello..I'm trying to learn as much as I can about surgeries prior to my daughter deciding on her surgery type so I can support her. Does the gas after surgery occur with all surgery types, or is is tied just to VSG? Anything people can help me learn is appreciated. I'm taking notes!

Jojobby08, it looks like you're getting some good advice! Hope you feel better!

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 2/19/20 2:19 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

All surgeries involve gas; the surgeon needs to inflate your abdomen so they will have room to work and perform the procedure. For most people, it's not a big deal and it's all out of your system within a day or two.

If you're trying to learn about surgeries, I really recommend the book "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies." I gave it to my mom before I had my surgery six years ago, and she said it was a really big help!

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on 2/19/20 2:52 pm

Thank you very much, Sparlekitty. I'll order it and start reading right away. This is the best place I've ever found to get information from a number of people, very grateful. What a great community!

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/21/20 3:28 am

Walking really helped me after any surgery.

Plus I was lucky that only 1 surgery I had there was still gas after the surgery. All the other time the surgeon took time and effort to remove the gas...

Give it time and good luck.

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