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on 2/21/20 1:26 am
VSG on 02/17/20

I'm 3 days post op from getting sleeved. Should I be worried that all I could take in today was 20oz of liquid and half a pudding cup? The 20oz liquid contained 40grams of protein but I'm trying so hard not to be dehydrated and I'm scared. I'm not sure why this is so hard for me now ? It literally took me all day to finish 20oz. Any advice out there? Am I gonna be severely dehydrated now?

on 2/21/20 5:58 am - WI

It gets easier.

Try liquids of a different temperature. I could not drink anything cold, but hot tea worked great. Just keep trying. Dehydration is not something you want to deal with.

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on 2/21/20 2:37 pm
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You basically have to start drinking from the time you wake up to make it a little easier....Try maybe ho****er sometimes that makes it easier. Just keep sipping and walking and before you know it you'll get more water in.

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