Does Georgia Medicaid cover VSG?

on 4/8/20 8:59 am

I am on SSI Medicaid and I called and asked if it was covered but they told me it is dependent on the surgeon not the service...I'm looking for a surgeon who accepts Medicaid in northern Georgia and does the VSG. I see my PCP today so I will ask him about it. But not sure where to start ...

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on 4/13/20 8:43 am - Irvine, CA

The reason why they told you it is dependent on the surgeon is that some surgeons do not accept Medicaid patients. Most Medicaid plans do pay for weight loss surgery, the key is finding a surgeon and hospital that will take Medicaid.

If you would like our team to assist you in locating a surgeon in Georgia that takes your Medicaid, please email [email protected]

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