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on 6/9/20 10:50 am
VSG on 05/08/20

Hi my name is Sarah and I had my Surgery May 8th an had Gastric Sleeve, I'm post op week 5. This is my question can you add protein powder to liquids that have zero calorie like water with crystal light, or Gatorade zero? I was told by another surgery patient who is 10 years out not to do that because it doesnt bind to you an I could end up getting malnutrition. When I asked my Dr office they said they never heard that an to continue adding the protein into my drinks an food. Please help I'm so lost an just want to get my protein in.

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on 6/9/20 10:59 am - Irvine, CA

Congrats on your surgery and welcome, Sarah!

I am 19 yrs post op and have never heard this. The majority of people who use protein powders mix them with water so they do not add and consume more calories. As long as you are tolerating your shakes you should have no problem. As you get further out, your goal is to get your protein from regular foods and steer away from the shakes.

on 6/9/20 11:04 am
VSG on 05/08/20

Yes that's my goal when I can eat regular again to focus on protein foods. I was just shocked that she said I wouldnt get what I needed from adding to zero calorie fluids.

on 6/9/20 11:11 am

I would track everything you are taking in and show it to your surgeon/nutritionist. And since you are so early on, you can gauge what works and what doesn't since you are going into your surgeons office every couple/few months.

I used to add strawberry crystal light to my vanilla protein shakes and made a strawberry cream style shake. You just have to use a trial and error method to see what you like.

I have never heard of it not binding... it may not mix well, like most protein powders with warm/ho****er but that's all I've heard

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on 6/9/20 1:37 pm

My protein shakes were always jazzed up with Crystal Light, sugarfree cool whip, flavored syrups, and berries. I did not use berries for the first six weeks. Make them taste good. You will not get malnutrition. People say some strange things.

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