I had the operation but

on 7/11/20 7:26 pm
VSG on 07/09/20

I had the operation this Thursday 7/9/2020 I spent the night in the hospital and then was discharged 24hours later. I know about the pain in the stomach and such but I have had REALLY bad sharp pains in my left shoulder when I breath deeply ever since. Has anyone else had this problem? It hurts so bad that I have been trying to only take short shallow breaths and even those sometimes hurt.

on 7/12/20 4:11 am - WI

It's caused by trapped gas. They pump your abdominal cavity full of air so they have more room to maneuver the instruments and can see to do the surgery. Walking helps move the gas around so your body can get rid of it. Walk around as much as you can.

Taking short breaths is not a good idea. You could end up with pneumonia. Taking deep breaths, even if you have pain, helps move the gas around too.

You could try a heating pad. That helped me a lot.

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on 7/12/20 10:39 am
VSG on 07/09/20

Thank you so much!!! I was so worried! I'm definitely gonna try the heat mat.

on 7/12/20 7:17 pm
VSG on 07/08/20

I had the surgery on the 8th and today the gas or almost gone. I even went #2. So beware of that when it happens b close to that area for a bit lol

on 7/13/20 6:39 am
VSG on 07/09/20

Lol I finally had a bowel movement as well this morning. It definitely seemed to hel the gas pain

on 7/13/20 8:15 am
VSG on 07/08/20

It's the little things in life you appreciate. Haha ?

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Has your left shoulder pain gotten better?

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