Lab band to sleeve revision

on 7/23/20 9:04 am
Lap Band on 01/01/15

Has anyone here had lapband to sleeve revision? I have to have my band removed due to it slipping and causing severe GERD related issues. The bariatric dr I saw today doesn't recommend a revision to a sleeve b/c of the GERD and said it would make it worse. But since I lost the weight with lapband I can't get a bypass. He said once the band is removed i will most likely gain my weight back and then we could talk about bypass (right now he does not ethically feel it would be right). So did anyone have the band removed due to GERD related issues and revise to a sleeve without issues?
thanks for your help!

White Dove
on 7/23/20 7:04 pm

You have a responsible surgeon who is giving you good advice. After they remove the lapband they often give your body time to heal from the damage the lapband causes. The sleeve has a tendency to cause GERD in people who never had it and to make it worse in those who already have it. The GERD might go away once the band is gone.

You do not have to gain weight when the band is removed. Weight gain is because of eating more food. You can make up your mind to follow a diet that keeps the weight off while you wait for the RNY.

Weigh****chers might be the right place to go.

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on 7/30/20 5:40 am - Woburn, MA

i had a band removed and six weeks later got VSG. I still get a little GERD but it is controllable if I don't drink coffee - small price to pay. I can't say enough how great VSG is. I would highly recommend it!!!

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on 7/30/20 7:44 pm


I had the band revision to sleeve on the same day due to GERD and honestly I feel better now. It took me a while to go thru with the surgery but I don't regret doing it. I would recommend to educate yourself and do what you feel is right with your body.