on 7/24/20 11:14 am
VSG on 02/01/15

Hi, have a regain esp since Rona. Looking for a protein powder without sugar or artificial sugar, give me a bad headache

White Dove
on 7/25/20 8:37 am

Sorry but the last thing I would advise you to do for a regain is to use protein powder.

It is fine to use protein powder after surgery when you cannot eat real food, but using it when you can eat real food is just making it easy for the body to take in more calories than you need.

The way to treat a regain is by reducing calories. Stick to dense protein that will keep you full.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/25/20 10:40 am
VSG on 02/01/15

Dont be sorry, I'm using protein drinks to supplement by nutrition

on 7/26/20 1:17 pm
VSG on 07/08/20

Genpro unflavored has been awesome. It's a but expensive but I know it's helping I feel better but then again I'm taking all my vitamins also.

I'm glad I had my bag surgery though I'm approaching week 3 post op I have not list much but I know the weight will leave. I have s en some face shrinkage though. I am trusting the process.

on 7/27/20 10:47 am
VSG on 02/01/15

thank you and what is "bag surgery"