How Much Exercise Do Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patients Need?

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez
on 8/5/20 8:10 am

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I wrote this blog post for anyone that is Post Op from a Gastric Sleeve Surgery rcise-do-gastric-sleeve-surgery-patients-need/


Dr. Alvarez

on 8/18/20 12:24 pm

I can't stress enough how much exercise helps. I weighed 284 at the beginning of October of '19, had surgery on the 15th of that month and I weigh 166 now. 10 months after my surgery date my BMI was in the normal range. I am an athlete now and can do pull-ups with good form for the first time in my life at age 36.

I promise you all, it wasn't because I ate nothing but grilled chicken breast and veggies. I exercised week in and week out the entire time, taking small breaks when needed but getting right back at it a few days later.

Exercise becomes an addiction if you stick with it long enough, if you find something you enjoy. The workouts I do could be completely wrong for you and vice versa, just burn those calories. Get creative It's not about working out really hard for a month and stopping. It's about finding your groove, something you can make a part of your life now and in the years to come.

If for some reason I can't workout for more than 2 days, I'm a complete mess. It's something I need at this point, and as far as addictions go, I have to say I'm enjoying this one.